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  1. Default Aggressive Gourami

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    Hello, I have recently gotten two gouramis, one gold and one opaline. They are small, only about 1 inch in length at the time and are in a well planted ten gallon tank with plenty of room to get away from each other. The gold gourami will keep to herself on the bottom, only surfacing for air and food. The opaline gourami will, however, seek out the gold one and is aggressive towards her even though they are the same size. Today I have noticed damage to her fins, although I do not think it is fin rot. Are there any steps that I can take to reduce the aggression? I do not have an additional tank to separate the two, but I also do not want to cause my gold gourami any unnecessary stress. Also, the opaline gourami is also a female.

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    Unfortunantly that tank is going to be too small to hold either one of those gouramis in the near future. They get to about six inches in length. Both are color variants of the Three Spot Gourami (I have a four inch one at the moment). Gouramis in general do not like their own kind especially if you have two males. The two you have are considered one of the more aggressive gourami species if not given the right conditions. You are not going to stop the aggression especially in a tank that small. If I was in your position I would think about returning those fish to the store and looking into getting a honey gourami or perhaps a dwarf gourami.

    It is a shame because they are wonderful fish. But I house mine in a 20 gallon by herself.
    Increasing your biodiversity increases your stability.

    You know what this tank needs? ........................ Crypts.

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    Your two gouramis, maturing at 4-6 inches, are aggressively territorial to their own kind and in a tank that is 1/2 the minimum size required to support a single mature individual.
    You have several options to best ensure the welfare of your gouramis
    1. return or rehome both fish and stock your 10 gallon with appropriate species. plenty of members here love to give good stocking suggestions, but the most info can be found on the internet as well.
    2. rehome one of the fish and get a 30 gallon tank for the other. don't forget to cycle and an appropriately sized filter and heater.

  4. Default

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    Thank you for your advice. Right now I cannot afford a larger tank, and the pet store will not take them back since it is past the allotted time for returning fish. I suppose I will have to ask around to see if a friend can take one of them off my hands.

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    Are you sure they won't just take it back? They may not refund you your money but a lot of places will take a fish for free. I know it sucks not being able to get your money back, but it is something to consider.
    Increasing your biodiversity increases your stability.

    You know what this tank needs? ........................ Crypts.

  6. Default

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    I called and they said (since I do not have my receipt anymore), since I can't prove I bought them there, they won't take them back. I might have a friend who would be interested though so I will get in touch with them.

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    That sounds good. Make sure your friend has appropriate enclosures to house the gourami(s) he/she takes in.

  8. Default

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    Good luck finding a good home for your fish. If you ever get a larger tank they're great fish. I have a male & female pair of blue (three spot) gouramis who have always gotten along great housed together in a 55. They're a beautiful fish to keep in an appropriately sized tank.


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