Ok so I have 2 questions.... my first question is does my female molly look pregnant? She has gotten quite large but maybe she is just a big fish? you can see the size differences between her and my other black/white molly who is quite a bit smaller. My second question is... is my other molly male or female? in this pic it looks like it is male as the anal fin in long but I have seen it open up into more of a fin looking one not as big as the other mollys anal fin but I am wondering can this be a male? the pet store said they are both females but almost always when I look at him it is looking like a male... so is it a female or is it possible for the male anal fin to open to a bigger fin at times? I am new to the whole fish thing so bare with me please :) (First pic of both fish second of female and 3rd pic of unknown sex)