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Thread: my tiny "pond"

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    Default my tiny "pond"

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    hey guys i have a 3 gallon outdoor tank that goes in with a decoration and it usually has a few goldfish in it ( when they outgrow it they are given away) but im kind of tired of my only option being baby goldfish so is there anything else that looks neat and can thrive in a small tank like that? (we live in northern utah so temps get below freezing on occasion keep that in mind please)

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    i mean it is like part of the decoration....

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    Not much for outdoor. But heated indoor maybe some shrimp. Definitely not anymore goldfish
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    As I must have mentioned before, 3 gallons isn't suitable for long term maintenance of any fish in the hobby.
    depending on temperature and local laws you might be able to keep trapdoor snails. not sure whether they look cool for you or not.

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    A 3 gallon tank isn't big enough for outdoor, at all. Anything you keep in there, if it's a permanent decoration, will eventually die in the winter. Fish need at least 5-6ft of depth to allow for ice over.
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    2 or 3 mosquito fish will live in there. You can catch them in just about every pond. I see them just about every where, air force bases golf courses gas stations ect. The only thing is their not exactly the prettiest fish. mosquitofish.jpg
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    it rarely ices over and when it does its never even an inch because it comes int he garage for the winter which is barely warm enough for it to not ice over and i have seen thoes mosquito fish as well... problem is just seperating the parasites from them

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    are the trapdoor snails sold under "mystery snail"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonfab32 View Post
    are the trapdoor snails sold under "mystery snail"?
    If you're talking about the "mystery snails" sold at petsmart, those are Apple snails I believe. They are tropical and won't survive in the cold.


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    oh ok ya they are apple snails i think

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