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  1. Default My guppies are dying

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    I bought 4 guppies. 2 male and 2 female. Within a week. Both females gave birth. 1st female died 2 days after having babies. 2nd female died the day after. Now about 2 days later one male guppy looks like he's gona die.

    Last night test results:

    Am 0.10
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 20-40
    Ph 6.4

    Ph does drop. When I do water changes it goes up to 6.4. After a week drops to 6.

    Am is not 0 but because pH is low, it's actually ammonium which is safe right?

    I had about 15 guppie fry for about 5 days now and 3 have died so far.

    I am doing 20% water changes nearly everyday now.

    I use seachem prime.

    Please advise if I am doing anything wrong.
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    What tank size is this? Did you cycle the tank?
    Filter, heater, temperature?
    I can tell you off the bat that you should not be getting ammonia readings, and your low and unstable pH might be an issue or a symptom. Guppies like their water hard and alkaline.

  3. Default

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    120 litre tank. 1 Interpet pf3 and 1 tetratec in800 plus internal filter at the moment which I'm going to change one day to a single eheim biopower.

    100w heater, temp is showing 27 all the time.

    I did fishless cycle using ammonia. It took me about 2 months.

    How can I increase pH
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    the pH alone shouldn't kill the guppies, although it would stress them since the guppies are recent acquisitions, it may be
    the stress from translocation, new water parameters, etc.
    To increase pH and hardness of your water, you could add crushed clam/oyster shell, crushed coral, aragonite, etc that will leach calcium into water.
    however, keep in mind that a low pH(and presumably low hardness) environment is actually preferable for many community fish species.

  5. Default

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    So what could be causing my guppies to die if they could adjust to low pH levels. What would be ideal pH for community fish?

    Tomorrow will be a week since I got them and I only have one left who looks completely fine.
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    The ammonia is most likely the reason that they are dying.

    A lot of people believe that a Ph of 7 is best. My tank is 7.6 and I don't have any issues with keeping a variety of different fish, although my acclimation time is extended to make sure that they get used to the difference slowly.
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    If your ammonia is anywhere above zero your fish can be at risk of dieing.
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  8. Default

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    I tested everything yesterday and ammonia is 0 now. But it's too late. All 4 guppies died. I have 6 neon tetras and about 12 guppy fry.

    I checked the kh and gh readings and I got kh 1 drop and gh 3 drops using api testing kit.

    What can I do to get these readings to a point where I can keep a wider variety of fish?
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  9. Default

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    How long did you have the guppies before they started dying?

    Also, how did you acclimate the guppies to your tank?
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    fish in cycling:

  10. Default

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    I bought the guppies last Saturday. First one died after dropping fry about 1 day later. Second female died next day after dropping fry. The 2 males died 2 days ago.

    I put the guppies in the tank still in the bag so the temperature becomes the same for about 20 min. Then I added bit of water from my tank into the guppies bag so the guppies get used to my water. I added the water bit at a time for about 5 mins. Then spilled the water and guppies into the tank.
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