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Thread: guppy fry care

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    Default guppy fry care

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    Hi guys, I am breeding guppies to sell locally and need help with the fry tank setup. My current setup is nothing fancy, a 1.5 gallon with a filter, heater, no gravel, a few fake plants and a marimo moss ball. I am wondering if the fry will get stuck if i put in some small grain gravel. Then plant the floor of the tank with dwarf hairgrass. What im worried about is the fry being bright and all. Swimming to the bottom of the grass and getting stuck. I have lost alot of money in this project so far and need some major help so please give advice on that and how to speed up growth!

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    The fry actually like hiding in gravel and that's how all mine usually survive is by crawling into the gravel of my community tank and hide from all the predators. And no the guppy fry wont get stuck in anything besides a filter intake tube.. WATCH THAT. If you have a filter you need to do somethign about that intake tube. here is a helpful article and some care facts regarding the new fry on their way. Hopefully that is of some help.

    "This is my strategy for guppy births: I use a breeder box that has two main compartments; an upper compartment where the mamma guppy goes and a lower compartment where the guppy fry drop down into once born. The floor of the upper compartment is shaped like a “V” with a slit down the very bottom. The slit is too small for the mamma guppy to go through, but it is perfect for baby guppies."

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    I don't know what your breeding stock is (how many females will be dropping fry) but I'd suggest that you need a larger tank than 1.5 gals. Depending on how long you keep the fry, you also may want a few more tanks to separate the males and females. Guppies can sometimes be a tough sell as they are so common. If selling to a LFS, they will usually want at least the males in full color, so that means hanging on to them for a little while. You can easily become overrun with them.

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    Oh, and if you really want to rear guppies and sell them, it might be worth investing in a microworm culture. Baby guppies are uncomplicated in the fact that they could be fed powdered commercial foods from day one, but you'll get better appetite and growth with something wiggly.

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    Completely agree with the others. Guppies are nice and easy to get, but selling them is a different story. To get good money, you'll need good beginning stock of show breeds. Check out aquabid for what is selling. Then you'll need a handful of tanks for grow out and separation. You'll need to cull very hard for a while to keep the strain pure and to get what people are willing to pay for.

    Good luck.
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    Doesn't seem like 1.5g is large enough for a grow out tank.


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    its not a grow out tank its just until the fry are big enough to go in with the rest of the breeding guppies and i throw them in with the rest at a litttle over half an inch

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    the tank they breed in is a ten gallon and im selling the guppies as fry so i dont have to take care of mass amounts of adult fish

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    my friends told me that if you have lots of live plants your fish will grow faster from the oxygen? is that true

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    keeping plants probably is harder than keeping fish. you could throw in some hornwort, and if it doesn't die, it will provide refuge and O2, but you'd be better off
    just physically aerating it by airstone or filter splash.

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