The water in my 20 gallon aquarium has been getting kind of bad lately because I cannot change it as much due to a drought here in California. Well, I have noticed that my Anubias Barteri plant's root are covered in what has the consistency of fine hairs. The entire thing looks like it is covered in dust that projects off the surface. And Speaking or dust, I have noticed a lot of debris settling on everything these past fer months, but I use a turkey baster to just dust the stuff off, but it may indicate a high level of dissolved nutrients, and therefore, plankon on which hydrozoan feed.

I am familiar with The Freshwater Jellyfish from the Yangtze River and have heard that they are found worldwide now. I have wanted them ever since I heard about them in spite of the medusa's tiny sizes, and this looks like it might be the time. I cannot really zoom in on the presumed hydrozoans without cutting off a piece of the roots, and even then, I am afraid of crushing them. They only appeared after I purchased some java moss, and because java moss is known to bring a wide array of organisms with it, it may have introduced hydrozoan if the carpet was grown in a pond.

They are extremely tiny organisms, and I cannot make out many features. They are completely white and look like little hydra, except they are too small and for the most part lack any features that look like tentacles other than stubby little features. They are packed tight as a drum on some surfaces they coat, but some are pretty distant from others but no more than half a centimeter at best. On the stem, they are packed pretty loosely, and I can make out the organisms much better with a flashlight because I can see their cross sections. Many of those on the stems have multiple "bodies" branching from a single main base. Some only have the main head and a little bud, while the largest I counted had 3 or 4 (hard to make out). I can see them sway in the water and I can actually see that my tANK is moderately stocked with large paramecium and probably other organisms. My fish appear fine, I think, and the "overcoat" does not look like they actually do anything other than make my tank look dusty in some areas.

They do not look like algae, so they are probably some type of hydra that does not need personal space, or hydrozoans. How should I proceed? I would love for them to stay, but I have been meaning to reduce the dust issues by repositioning the filter.