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    Default african bumblebee catfish

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    Hey my local pet store has these new African Bumblebee Catfish for sale listed as semi aggressive. But I would like to get one possibly to help get uneaten foods off the gravel. I have a ten gallon with: 2 Glofish (Danios), one peppered cory catfish, 3 oto cats, 4 full grown tuxedo guppies, 6 juvenile tuxedo guppies, one juvenile molly, 2 rasbora hets, one African Dwarf Frog, and 2 platies. The guppies will all go to a friend before too long because I was breeding them but it was a pain in the butt. So would it be ok to have in the tank as far as compatability? Or should I go with 2 more albino corys to help the peppered on clean up the mess? My main concern is the african dwarf frogs legs getting munched on.... I also have live plants.

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    no species labeled "bumblebee catfish" fits in a 10 gallon. No fish "eats waste off the gravel". waste management is the responsibility of the aquarist.
    you may also want to review into social requirements and/or tank size for the peppered cories, danios, otos and rasboras.

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    "eats uneaten foods off the gravel" and yes look up bumblebee catfish on google they only get to like 4"

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    and for the social requirments i used to have larger schools but they since have died off over the years im getting more oto cats soon because they control the algae

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    if you had larger schools once and no longer want to replenish them it is understandable if you have the singletons and twosomes.
    however, 4 inches is big anyways for a 10 gallon, and other factors must be considered asides from the fact that the fish physically fits in the tank, such as activity levels
    and whether it will eat other smaller fish. Sorry I misunderstood your statement, but again, a scavenger role of uneaten foods is not played by any fish in the hobby either. certainly bottom dwelling species will do so
    to a degree, but usually will be malnourished. with some exceptions(I'm thinking of otos in planted tanks, possibly others) any species of fish will require dedicated feeding.
    Last edited by madagascariensis; 03-06-2014 at 03:45 AM.

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    A fully grown Microsynodontis batesii, which I think is the fish we are talking about here, is definitely capable of eating your danios, guppies and ottos. Probably would make an attempt at eating everything else in your tank as well. I also agree that they should be housed in a tank much larger than 10 gallons.


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    actually i looked it up and ur close on the scientific name stingray but that one is actually the asian bumblebee catfish which is very aggressive and sorry madagascar for the somewhat rude message i was on one that day and the research ive done tells me this catfish is a fat-A so i think im good as far as physically and with my cleaner catfish as i call them i feed them mostly what they need to stay healthy then let them scavenge for the rest and they will find stuff that my other fish havent eaten so it is just to help prevent overfeeding

  8. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonfab32 View Post
    actually i looked it up and ur close on the scientific name stingray but that one is actually the asian bumblebee catfish
    Microsynodontis batesii is definitely the African bumblebee catfish.


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    hmmmm i think ur rite actually would you be able to tell what kind it is if i take a picture of the ones sold locally and post them??

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    It couldn't hurt to post pics
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