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  1. Default Joined you all for step by step help cleaning a old woman's super dirty tank

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    My buddy asked me help his aunt with her aquarium being a newish reef keeper (12mo. Old 40gal) he thought I could make this happen.
    This thank is SO filthy I checked the filter cartridge and the bio wheel fogged the water with partials of tan stuff it's all over the decorations and the bottom
    She says she adds a gallon of well water each week
    Tank is about 60X18x12?
    Top of glass is white with lime/cal
    I'm thinking 2-3 small cleanings not to shock the fish (biggest gold fish ever)

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    That gravel is honestly horrifying! I don't even know what to suggest... I've been thinking about the best way for you to clean this tank for the past ten minutes and I can't think of one single idea that wont result in a lot of work. I would say siphon out enough water (without getting anything form the gravel) and clean the filter first in that water. Get it as clean as you can so it'll have the maximum possible flow. Then take out EVERYTHING in that tank (give it a good shake to make sure all detritus falls to the bottom) except the fish and siphon the gravel. Check the water parameters; I have a feeling they're pretty bad and, like you said, you'll probably need to do this multiple times in small quantities to avoid shocking the fish. As for the calcium/lime I have no idea - I don't think it's going anywhere without CLR - and that obviously won't work.

    Also, I would suggest getting an airstone in there ASAP because I feel like there isn't very good gas exchange.

    I don't have any experience with gold fish, but I'm wondering she has a heater in there - I thought goldfish did better in room temperature water.
    Joseph Granata
    My decommissioned 37gal freshwater community tank journal:
    My current 37gal FOWLR tank journal:

  3. Default

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    Thanks Joseph for the good feedback yea I can get an air stone going. She wants to pay me and will pay for all the supply, I just don't want to kill her fish the gold one is over 5 and the black os over 4.

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    Those fish are actually still pretty young; goldfish can live for a very long time. My dad had one for 25 years when he was younger (though I don't know what type). Good luck with the clean-up!
    Joseph Granata
    My decommissioned 37gal freshwater community tank journal:
    My current 37gal FOWLR tank journal:

  5. Default

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    If possible get a small tank like (2x1x1 all in feet). Put the tank water in the small tank and transfer the fish..

    Clean the main tank thoroughly using water only, while siphoning water clean the filter in the tank water itself from the water coming out of siphon. once cleaned quickly put the filter in the small tank submerged in water so the BB stays alive.

    Fill the main tank with fresh water after cleaning and make sure you add anti chlorine and water conditioner. Also please make sure the water temperature of both the tanks are almost same.. Run the filter in the new tank.. check the water parameters after few hours and if all is fine transfer the fish back in the main tank

    OR clean the filter in the tank water while siphoning out the water. put the filter back in the tank.. take the decors out and clean it with water. With a stick move the gravel in the water and do a large water change.. Again after a day move the gravel with a siphon and again do a large water change.. put the decors back. Continue doing about 40 - 50 % water changes daily until you get the water parameters right...

  6. Default

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    and BTW the golden fish looks great and cute....:)

  7. Default

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    Those are beautiful fish! Think the first thing I would do is check the ph in the tank....and the tap. You may need to introduce fresh water very carefully....

  8. Default

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    Thank you all for the helpful tips and advise.

    We'll be going back to start cleaning/testing today I'll post pics and an up date this evening.

    I like the idea of a small temporary tank with the filter running and retaining all the BB from the system as possible is key. I'm really cool with the LFS he may have a spare tank we could borrow?

  9. Default

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    very sad to see a tank in this condition.
    I'd start slowly so you don't shock the fish. get a python or an Aqueon water changer. (or even a regular siphon vac and empty it into a bucket)

    ravel-Squeeze/dp/B00BDPFYEI/ref=sr_1_21?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1394030173&sr=1-21&keywords=water+siphon (use this if you empty and refill with buckets)

    Use the aquean W/Cer to siphon the detris from the substrate (then also refill the tank). dig the nozzle of the water changer deep into the substrate. It will suck up all kinds of gunk because it's clearly full of rotted food and poo. siphon and vacuum every day until the substrate is free of detris. You should remove about 50% of the water each time, and replace it with water the same temp as the tank water. The water will be cloudy during this process but will eventually clear up when you get the tank clean.
    During this time, I'd also remove all the ornaments and clean them in a 5% bleach to 95% water solution. Rinse well then soak them in tap water treated with a good dechlorinator. OR, if her tap water is well water, just soak them in the well water. I wouldn't return them to the tank until you have the substrate cleaned.

    Last, I'd tackle the filter(s). Do not throw away any of the media in the filters because it should contain beneficial bacteria. Simply rinse it in a bucket of water that you've removed from the tank, squeeze gently then put it back in the filter. When you have the substrate clean, then I'd rinse the filter media again because all the sediment that will rise in the water during your cleans will end up in the filter.

    After you get it all cleaned up, water should be changed every week - at least 50%. Topping off a tank is not cleaning. The tank should also be vacuumed every week to avoid this problem in the future. Gold fish (and these are beauties) are very dirty fish in that they produce a lot of waste.
    That's why it's so important to keep their water pristine.

    I'd be afraid to test for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates right now. It will probably scare you. But an API liquid master test kit is something every fish owner should have. Once you get all these daily water changes done in the process of cleaning, all of those elements should improve. The goal, however, is to always have 0 ammonia and nitrites and 20ppm or less nitrates.

    please ask if you have more questions. It would also be good if she (and you since you're in this now) to look up the profiles on her goldfish so she'll know how to feed them and how to keep their water safe.
    Last edited by fishmommie; 03-05-2014 at 01:37 PM.
    30 g FW planted:corys, female ABNP, blue angel, harleys, zebra danios, rummies,
    15 g FW planted:2 male guppies, neons, pygmy corys, clown pleco, 4 types of shrimp, assassin snails
    90 Gal Journal:
    fishless cycling:
    fish in cycling:

  10. Default

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    Great info here!

    I am super diligent with my reef tank and feel bad for the fish here
    I do have all the API test kits and a large and smaller python tube/hose, as well as Prime water conditioner

    Wish me luck lol.

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