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  1. Default

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    Nitrite now reads in the 2-5ppm range.
    50gal - planned community tank - cycling
    40gal - species tank - 18 tiger barbs

  2. Default Busy Day (Some of it Tank Related)

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    It's 11pm here and I'm so tired I can barely make my eyes focus to write this but it's been a good day so I have to share - if you only care about the tanks, feel free to skip to the pics at the end.

    I started piano lessons yesterday - something I've been saying I want to do for years but somehow never getting around to it. So today I decided, in for a penny in for a pound, l'm gonna buy a digital piano! OK, so I'd done a little bit of research before today, and talked to my piano teacher about what he would recommend, so not an entirely impulsive purchase, but still. Left work early to go to the music shop. They have the digital piano I want; their computer also says they have it in black (which is what I would have preferred) but do you think they could find it? lol. I ended up going with the white model and I don't regret it. Somehow get the digital piano, stand, headphones (very important, this way no one can hear you mess it up over and over again) etc. home - thank you to the lovely taxi driver who managed to get this enormous box into his car when the requested maxi taxi failed to show.

    Get everything home and into my room. Oh, the plants I ordered for the tanks have arrived. Take them out of the box and into a bucket of water; will have to deal with them sometime but first - piano! Start getting it all unpacked, stand set up, piano on stand, just about to plug it in and turn it on when the phone rings. Damn. I did say I'd take that work call at 5pm didn't I? Talk to the work guy for 30 minutes or so trying to keep my mind on what he's saying and not on the piano sitting next to me just waiting to be played.

    Finally get work guy off the phone, 5:45pm already? If I don't go to the gym now it'll be too crowded and I won't get a treadmill. But piano... But I think I've finally worked out what time works for me in terms of actually getting to the gym (tried mornings for a while but it was too easy to just go back to sleep for that extra half hour) and I want to try and build the habit so off I go. End up having a great workout - pushed myself harder than last time and finished up feeling awesome.

    Get home again, shower, dinner, decide I really should do those dishes I left from last night.

    Don't forget the plants that arrived today, I really should plant those, I won't have time tomorrow. Plants planted. Tank looking good.

    At last. Back to the piano. The music shop didn't have the book my teacher recommended and I don't know any of the songs in the one I got so I get on the internet and look up a sheet music website he also recommended. Browsing through the 'beginner' section I spot an old standard. Print it out and away I go (headphones plugged in so as not to torture the neighbours with endless repetitions of 'alas my love you do me wrong' - often wrong).

    I look up and three hours have gone by, but I can play Greensleeves fairly well now. Even worked out a few of the chords.

    OK, so for those of you who just want an update on the tanks. Nothing much happening with the 40 gallon. Nitrites still about 2ppm.

    I bought some more mayaca, bacopa, lilaeopsis and a couple more swords for the 50 gal. I also got a new light about a week ago. It brings the lighting on this tank up to moderate/high. I may end up having to do CO2 on this tank but for now I'm going to see how things go dosing excel and ferts. There's a little algae in the tank, particularly on the upper portions of the driftwood but that was already there; haven't noticed an increase since I got the new light. Nitrites look like they're down to about 0.5ppm; hopefully we're on the home stretch for this cycle.

    The light that was on the 50gal has been moved to the 40gal. The 40gal light has been relegated to the garage - it was old and I was having trouble finding replacement bulbs for it.

    50 gallon with new light and plants (I'm waiting to get some plant tweezers before tackling the lilaeopsis):

    The light also has a moonlight:

    And just because, the new digital piano:
    50gal - planned community tank - cycling
    40gal - species tank - 18 tiger barbs

  3. #43


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    50 gal looking great. Love the new "piano".
    75 gal - Smudge Spot Cories, Silvertip & Pristella Tetras, Scissortail & Red Tail Rasboras, Pearl Gourami, Black Kuhli Loaches, Whiptail Cats, Wild Caught BNP
    Dual 29 gals - Diamond Tetras. Harlequin Rasboras, Bloodfin Tetras
    10 Gal - Mr. Betta's Fishy Paradise

    "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain"

  4. Smile 40 Gallon Tiger Barb Tank Update

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    It seems that while I had my back turned, concentrating on the perplexing cycle of the 50gal, the 40gal went and completed its cycle. Continued dosing ammonia for a few more days just to be sure but it all looks good.

    Did a full water change then one last dose of ammonia before heading off to work yesterday as I was staying at my parents place last night, then stopped off at the lfs on the way home this morning.

    I now have 18 tiger barbs swimming around in the 40gal, happily foraging in the driftwood and stones. I could probably have got another six but I thought I might keep my options open in case I decide to add something else down the track (and I don't think they had six more of the normal coloured tigers). I can always add more later if I decide to increase the shoal.

    I also added some smaller pebbles to smooth the transition from sand to pebbles and some more vals (I forgot that vals don't like excel and mine kinda melted, oops!).

    Pics later tonight when the barbs have settled in a bit.
    50gal - planned community tank - cycling
    40gal - species tank - 18 tiger barbs

  5. Default

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    This is the best picture I could get before my camera battery went dead. Will try to get some better pics tomorrow.

    50gal - planned community tank - cycling
    40gal - species tank - 18 tiger barbs

  6. Default 40 Gallon Tiger Barb Tank Update

    1 Not allowed!
    These guys are hard to get good photos of (or I'm a terrible photographer - probably a bit of both).

    Things seem to be going well in here though; parameters are all where they should be.

    The barbs have been establishing a hierarchy. There were a few nipped tail fins but most of them have healed up quickly. Except one little one who keeps trying it on with the big guys and is still missing a bit of his tail. I'll keep an eye on him, but he seems to be holding his own.

    The best pics of a large bunch:

    50gal - planned community tank - cycling
    40gal - species tank - 18 tiger barbs

  7. Default 50 Gallon Community Update

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    In other news, it looks like the 50gal has finally finished cycling. I watched the nitrite test like a hawk this morning and it started blue and stayed that way for the entire five minutes. Was so excited I did a little dance! lol.

    I'll give the lfs a call tomorrow and get them to order in the fish. Hopefully I'll be able to stock the tank next weekend.
    50gal - planned community tank - cycling
    40gal - species tank - 18 tiger barbs

  8. Default

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    Found one of the barbs dead today

    No idea as to the cause. No signs of illness or injury on the dead fish or any of the others. They're active, eating and have great colour.

    Water parameters are all stable too. Checked EVERYTHING I could:

    0 ammonia
    0 nitrite
    10ppm nitrate
    7.4 pH
    ~107ppm KH
    ~160ppm GH
    Temp 27C (slightly above the preferred temps for tiger barbs I know but it's just at the end of summer here and the tank maintains this temp without a heater most of the day - and the heater is set to 27C to keep it stable the rest of the time)

    I did a 40% water change on Friday. My tap water reads about 0.5ppm ammonia at the moment but I use prime so that should have detoxified the ammonia long enough for the BB to take care of it - definitely added the prime during the water change. Temp of the new water matched the tank to within one degree.

    Am I missing something?
    50gal - planned community tank - cycling
    40gal - species tank - 18 tiger barbs

  9. Default Update

    0 Not allowed!
    No more deaths in the 40gal and the barbs all look very healthy so hopefully it was just that one fish.

    Not much to update on the 50gal. The cycle is holding nicely. The lfs weren't ordering fish last week (on account of the short weeks with all the public holidays lately) but he's going to call me Tuesday when they place their orders to let me know if they were able to get the fish I want.

    I'm thinking of setting up the 7gal cube I have sitting empty as a Walstad tank. I've ordered Diana Walstad's book and hopefully it will arrive next week. In the meantime I've been reading up on the internet and came across this article; I'm thinking of trying the dry start method she uses here:

    I also ordered a book on setting up a nano reef. Still thinking about this for the empty 10gal. Not sure I have the nerve, or the experience, to start so small with saltwater though.
    50gal - planned community tank - cycling
    40gal - species tank - 18 tiger barbs

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