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  1. Default jacoste's aquarium addictions

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    I was trying to wait until I started setting things up before starting a journal but Iím still waiting for a few things to arrive and I figure if I canít physically work on the tanks yet I can at least talk about them.

    So here goesÖ
    50gal - planned community tank - cycling
    40gal - species tank - 18 tiger barbs

  2. Default 50 Gallon Community

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    Tank - 36Ē x 18Ē x 18Ē 50 gallon
    Stand - pine cabinet
    Light - Hagen Glo fixture with 2 x T5HO 6,700K 39w bulbs
    Heater - 200w
    Filtration - Eheim 2215 and Eheim 2213 canister filters with ceramic rings and bioballs
    Substrate - 50/50 mix of Eco Complete fine black planted substrate and black diamond sand
    Hardscape - 3 pieces Malaysian driftwood, river pebbles, and some fake caves/hollow logs
    Plants - amazon swords, lilaeopsis, ludwigia, and mayaca
    Fish - 1 x Thorichthys ellioti, 1 or 2 x bristlenose pleco, 12 x platies

    I had the tank, stand and most of the equipment in storage already. I bought a new heater as I just didnít trust the ones that had been sitting around for 2-3 years. I also got new bulbs for the light fixture (bright!). The river pebbles I got on Sunday (spent an hour or so sorting out the dark stones from the light ones but I donít want white pebbles on a black substrate and they were all I could find). The substrate and driftwood were delivered today. The driftwood is soaking in the 40 gallon tank which I had filled in the garage to test for leaks but sunk straight to the bottom. Iím just waiting on the caves/hollow logs and the background (black) to be delivered along with some stuff for the 40 gallon. The background is whatís holding up the setup Ė donít want to have to try and put that on a full tank that canít be moved out from the wall. The tank has been cleaned up and is in place in the entrance (will hopefully make a better first impression than the drinks cabinet we had there before) Ė just waiting for that background!

    This tank with be moderately to well planted (eventually). Plants have been ordered and should arrive in the next week or so. I tried to keep to species native to the Americas. Iím not sure how some of them will do with the lighting I have, but Iíll give them a go. I donít plan on doing CO2 at this stage but will be dosing with excel.

    Will be doing a fishless cycle with raw shrimp (ammonia without surfactants is next to impossible to find around here) before stocking.

    And Ďcause I know you all love to see photos (even thought thereís not much going on yet):

    50 gallon tank in place
    Last edited by jacoste; 03-03-2014 at 09:14 AM.
    50gal - planned community tank - cycling
    40gal - species tank - 18 tiger barbs

  3. Default 40 Gallon Tiger Barb Tank

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    Tank - 36Ē x 15Ē x 18Ē 40 gallon
    Stand - pine stand
    Light - standard fixture with 2 x 30w bulbs (T8s I think)
    Heater - 200w
    Filtration - Ehein 2213 canister filter with ceramic rings and bioballs
    Substrate - CaribSea sunset gold sand
    Hardscape - 2 pieces gold vine driftwood, river pebbles
    Plants - crypts, java fern, aponogetum crispus, and vallisneria
    Fish - 20(ish) tiger barbs, standard colour morph

    Again, had the tank, stand and most of the equipment already (new heater). The light fixture is quite old and so are the bulbs. Will have to upgrade at some point but Iím not sure yet whether to get an entirely new fixture or just replace the bulbs. The driftwood is soaking (buoyant stuff this). The lighter river pebbles will be going in this tank. Still waiting for the substrate and background (black again) to be delivered.

    Iím going for an open, lighter feel with this setup, lightly planted with lots of tan/brown tones; something along the lines of a faster moving section of river. Again, plants will be delivered in the next week or so and Iíve tried to stick with SE Asian species.

    This tank will also be fishless cycled with raw shrimp (seriously, if anyone knows where to find ammonia in Brisbane that doesnít have any surfactants, perfumes, or whatever added please let me know). Iím not sure how many tiger barbs Iíll be getting. AqAdvisor says I can have up to 24 with this setup but that seems like rather a lotÖ

    40 gallon in the garage with driftwood soaking (it clouded the water up pretty fast)
    50gal - planned community tank - cycling
    40gal - species tank - 18 tiger barbs

  4. #4


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    Not one but two promising tanks.

    As to ammonia. In some countries it's available in the supermarket as a cleaning product. In others hardware stores sell it with the painting supplies. In your case, any help? and here;s a calculator should you be able to find some

    I assume it's budgetary reasons but I think I would have saved for a bit longer and gone for a pair of hydor inline heaters for these to keep as much equipment out of the tank as possible.

    For the second tank.. tigers as your only species would be possible to have 24 I'd say. Start with 12-15 and add more if the nitrate figures stay within parameters.

    Interesting choice Thorichthys ellioti Id' never heard itof and had to look it up.

  5. Default

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    Thanks for the ebay link! In the stores here, pretty much ALL ammonia has surfactants, even if they don't list it in the ingredients if you call the manufacturers they confirm it's in there.

    The inline heaters are on the list of future purchases but I couldn't find anywhere that had them in stock when I was ordering everything and I'm too impatient to wait. And I really need to stop spending money on fish things for just a little while, going on holiday for a few days at the end of the month and still need to pay for accommodation.

    Thorichthys ellioti was my housemates' choice. I created a shortlist of suitable species that I liked and could find fairly easily and let them choose. They're meant to be less aggressive than the closely related firemouth so hopefully it'll be a good match for a community tank.
    50gal - planned community tank - cycling
    40gal - species tank - 18 tiger barbs

  6. Default

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    This will be fun...watching two tanks evolve!!! That cichlid sure looks alot like the one William has.

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    yay for more tanks to look at!
    Current tanks:
    37G FW - 3 Pearl Gourami, 4 Black Mollies, approximately 20+ Molly Fry, 5 Assassin Snails | 10G Planted FW - 14 Molly Fry, rocks, DW and an Anubias Nana - journal
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    How to cycle without fishies!

  8. Default 50 gallon community update

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    Set up the 50 gallon last night! The last of the stuff arrived during the day so I got stuck in as soon as I got home from work.

    Of course I had to take photos of the entire process:

    Substrate and driftwood in. I didnít end up using all the substrate Iíd ordered so I have a spare bag of black diamond sandÖ now to think of a tank setup I could use it in.

    Added some pebbles (theyíre actually darker than they look in this photo).

    Filters and heater added and plants planted.

    50gal - planned community tank - cycling
    40gal - species tank - 18 tiger barbs

  9. Default 50 gallon community update

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    And finallyÖ

    Finished product!

    Iím not 100% happy with the placement of the plants (and Iím not sure that all of them will do well with my lighting) but I figure Iíll have time during the fishless cycle to play with the layout. Iím just waiting on the ammonia to arrive now so I can get started on cycling (thanks to talldutchie for finding me an Aussie source of ammonia without surfactants!).
    50gal - planned community tank - cycling
    40gal - species tank - 18 tiger barbs

  10. #10


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    Did you forget a pic in the last post, lol
    10 Gallon Beginner Tank... Journal
    40 Gallon Breeder: ... Journal
    29 Gallon: ... Journal

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