I cannot tell what is wrong with my corydoras if there is even anything wrong at all. Many of my cories have bloodied tail fins with sections which appear to have been torn off. Some are missing barbarels, and one has a reddened mouth as well. One of my corys was swimming really odd last week, so I treated it for parasites and it stopped swimming like that, but its still really bloody. One of my older female corys was also laying on her side a few minutes ago, and I removed her for possible treatment. She immediately perked up when I put the net in and has been doing nothing odd since, but I cannot tell. This started to happen after two major events.

My guppies have been dying off because their gene pool got all messed up, and I was left with one male male born on 9/11/2012. I bought two females and a younger male to keep the line going. All came from different sources. The male was from someone's aquarium that nuked, one is a regular female from the store, and one is a feeder from the store (good genes in those feeders even without the color). I treated all three, for bacterial infections without even showing symtoms and released them after four days. I would have quarantined them longer, but that is another story for why I was unable to. All three are doing well and show no signs.

I have started cleaning the water in my aquarium every two weeks now rather than weekly as well. I live in California and a drought is messing us up. The local reservoir is getting low, so I have been more sparing in my maintanance. Basically, we are running pretty low on water out here (driest year in recorded history), but that is also another story...

My cories also scrape against the substrate, but they have been doing this for about a year, and I have only had one death while I was away, so I think they are okay.

How should I address this issue? I not seen one of the eight in a few days, so I am getting pretty worried.