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    Default Got a fin nipper

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    In the last couple of days, one of my juvenile female guppies has all of the sudden become a fin nipper. She is about 4 months old and was born in the tank.

    Not exactly sure why all of the sudden she decided to become a fin nipper all of sudden, but is actively nipping the other juveniles (sisters) and have gotten 2 of my celestials. I saw her latch onto one of the other juveniles a few minutes ago.

    None of the other fish (threadfins, cory's, rice) have any damage so I'm not sure if she just hasn't bothered with them yet or not.

    I am at a loss as to why after all this time she has decided to become a fin nipper. She isn't doing all the time, just kind of starts and stops.

    Water is 0-0-20
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    I sure don't know why that would suddenly start to happen...but I'd sure be nervous having a nipper (sounds like a pitbull) around those beautiful threadfins of yours!

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    Was there any new fish added recently to the tank? One of my juvi mollies turned into a sudden fin nipper the day after I added my pearls, I had to isolate in the time out net until my 10 gallon was done cycling 2 days later,
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    Even peaceful fish have a "pecking order". As fish age they start to show dominance or submission. Once the hierarchy is settled she should calm down, provided there is enough room and hiding places in the tank for all the fish. Removing the offending fish for a bit and rearranging the tank will sometimes help to curb aggression.
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    It's been several months since any fish were added. The funny part is that she doesn't go after the adult female guppies, just her sisters and the celestials. I can almost understand the celestials as they are the smallest fish, but she doesn't chase any fry or endlers.

    Maybe it's just her way of showing dominance. I'll give it a few days to see if she settles down. If she doesn't, she may have to get rehomed. She got the 2 celestials good and chewed half their tails off. The other juveniles guppies just got a good rip.
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    Try rearranging the tank in a way that gives enough hiding spots for fishes.. this may curb aggression.

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    She seems to have stopped, at least for time being (no aggression yesterday or so far today). Rearranging is a good idea, I'll try that.

    Maybe she was finding her place in the tank or maybe the male endlers were driving her nuts and she decided to take out her frustration on the others. There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason for action or why it has now stopped.
    50 Gallon -
    Endlers | Guppies | Blue Eyed Rice | Celestial Pearl Danios | Threadfin Rainbows | Bronze Cory's
    Albino Cory's | Nerite Snails | Ghost Shrimp

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