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  1. Default What am I doing wrong?

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    I've been in the hobby for 17 years, and recently decided to try goldfish. I've always had a community tank in the past. I bought 2 GF a few months ago - both of them died w/in a couple of months. Honestly, I don't think I did enough water changes so I thought I'd give it another try and do it right. Lesson learned. I bought 3 more GF less than 3 weeks ago - one of them died yesterday. The signs of illness have been the same with all of them: frayed fins, hiding, lethargy, no appetite. Here are my parameters:

    72G tank
    Ammonia - zero (I've tested this several times since my recent GF purchase - it's always been zero.)
    Nitrate - 5.0
    pH - 7.6
    Air pump w/airstone
    2 heaters, set at 74 degrees
    Other fish in tank: 1 rubber lipped pleco; 1 zebra danio and 1 tetra (these are both remainders of schools I used to have).

    I love the goldfish and am willing to make the extra effort to do more water changes, etc., that they require due to larger amounts of waste. I even made a spreadsheet to record my parameters on. It makes me VERY sad when I lose one - they are so cute to me! I have a passion for this hobby. However, I'm to the point of giving up, tearing down the tank and selling it, which really makes me mad quite frankly! Ha! I've tried to attach pics of my tank and what the fish looked like that died yesterday, but I wasn't successful. Any suggestions?

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    What about your nitrIte reading?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slaphppy7 View Post
    What about your nitrIte reading?
    I knew that would be asked. Sorry - I don't have a Nitrite test kit yet. I literally haven't had a chance to pick one up this week. When I get one AND it says there's a problem, what's the remedy? Just want to know before hand so I can be prepared. Thanks!!

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    If you have nitrItes, then the tank isn't can either re-home the fish and do a fish-free cycle, or keep the fish and do a fish-in cycle, described here:
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    I can't think of any diseases with those symptoms, so it could be some kind of poisoning.

    What decorations/substrate do you have? And of course check the nitrite as soon as you can. :)
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    It usually isn't wise to mix cold water fish and tropical fish, of course it is possible you just got weak fish to begin with, especially with how common goldfish are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slaphppy7 View Post
    If you have nitrItes, then the tank isn't can either re-home the fish and do a fish-free cycle, or keep the fish and do a fish-in cycle, described here:
    So nitrites could still be high even if the tank has been set up for several years?

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    How did you acclimate them when you brought them home? And I agree, the goldies should not be in a tank with your other tropical fish. Goldfish are not tropical and 74 deg is at the high end of the temp limit.
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    I floated the bag, gradually added some of my tank water to the bag in 15 min intervals.

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    goldfish are eurythermal. they live in waters from near 0C at the bottom of a pond in winter to 30C or more in tropical climes. I've seen plenty of huge and healthy goldfish in thailand, so I don't think 74F is a problem.
    the fact that they lasted months also does not sound like a cycling problem to me, and if it were, the other fish would surely be affected too. I'm not 100% sure either, but something that does match the symptoms are gill and body flukes. the symptoms could only be confined to the goldfish because they were new and infected, because some types of fluke reproduce only on the host, and the existing stock had strong enough immune systems to fend off any wayward fluke.

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