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    Default Random deaths of Guppies.

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm not an expert in fish keeper , but I can say I have enough experience, so here's my problem:

    My guppies keep dying randomly. Everyday at least one or two. Mostly females and occasionally the males too. Yes quite embarrassing actually, everyone says they are the easiest fish to have but for some reason I find keeping mollies and platys much easier then silly old guppies.

    This is whats happening:

    1) All fish seem happy; almost everyday I see more babies from guppies & mollies. (6 neon tetras, several black and white mollies and handful of guppies.)
    2) All fish are fine, except the guppies they are happy and swimming and one second later I come back and see one dead, and that keeps happening. One at a time, no apparent sickness at all they were perfectly ok no weird behavior at all.
    3) Water quality seems ok, PH, ammonia, nitrates etc...
    4) Partial water changes every week
    5) Bacteria (CYCLE) is added as recommended for partial water changes

    My 2nd tank; I have platys, red eye balloon tetras and gold mollies, Marigold swordtail. They are all fine.

    I cant seem to figure out my 1st tank what it is with me and the guppies. Totally got me bugged. Any suggestions?

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    What exactly are your water parameters, and I'm wondering why do you add "cycle" when doing a water change? Is the tank not yet cycled and are you using a dechlorinator as well. With a little more info someone might have some ideas for you.

  3. Default

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    If this is what you are adding

    you need to stop, this does not dechlorinate the water, you need to buy a dechlorinator to use instead, let us know the exact water params (0,0,0) is actually not a good reading for most people typically

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    When I do weekly partial changes; I use Api Stress coat and Stress Zyme.

    PH is around 70 - 7.4
    Ammonia is at a safe level <0.02ppm

    Last I checked nitrate and nitrite was at a safe level aswell.

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    typically any ammonia is a bad sign... Ideally you want 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, and low nitrates (but some)

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    Guppies are by default hardy fish, but generations of inbreeding can make any species prone to illness.
    When you look at them do you check how fast they are breathing?

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    They'd seem normal. Happily swimming around. Foraging, poking and nibbling at plants.

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    As mentioned, guppies are usually strong fish and can live in a much wider range of conditions than most fish. However, there are some breeding issues. They also don't react to stress very well (in my experience).

    How long has the tank been set up?
    What size is the tank?
    What other fish are in the tank?
    How many fish are in the tank?
    What is the hardness of the water?
    Have you used any medications?
    How are you acclimating the fish?
    Are you quarantining the fish?
    Are you buying the guppies at the same place as the other fish?
    How long have you owned the guppies?
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    You've been given great info so far...but first and foremost it sounds like this tank is not the cycling stickies in the beginner section
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    I have nothing but bad luck with guppies and have given up on trying to keep them. I like to blame the guppies' inbreeding rather than my own ineptitude.


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