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    Does your LFS offer "holidays" for fish?
    Mine will keep them for a few weeks for a small fee, which can be a godsend (e.g. when moving house!). In your case, it would enable you to rectify that cycle without losing your fish?
    55g planted: 10x adult guppies, 9x kuhli loaches, 7x black neons, 2x neons, 6x Amano shrimp, assassin snails & cherry shrimp

    10g planted: Occasional platies & black devil trumpet snail

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    My girlfriend actually works at pet land so this might work out well great idea thanks
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    Now part of his scales are missing I'm really freaking out please help. uploadfromtaptalk1393449799058.jpg
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    Honestly. You've got to get him in better water. I don't think he can handle the ammonia, the ick and the ick treatment.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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    Well my ammonia is now at .5ppm. So hopefully tomorrow I can get it under. 25.Still no sign of nitrates or nitrites. Also is there any bad chemicals to be using. I was using ammo lock and API stress zyme or whatever you wanna call it but it's the bacteria
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    The Oscar Fish loves food, they eat a lot of food and therefore create quite a lot of waste. IMO try to provide her as much fresh water as you can.. Keep doing large water changes and just use anti-chlorine when you do a water change. and keep the water a bit warm to fight ick.

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    Ok well I'm getting the ammonia down I'm just worried about diseases now. What could this be it looks like something is eating at his scales uploadfromtaptalk1393520181817.jpg
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    Hang in there, Oscar`s are tough fish, and fast healer`s with clean water. Just keep providing clean water by doing 50 to 60% water changes daily and please keep the water warm (best way to fight Ick).

    It look like ammonia burn to me...Others please advise..

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    Thanks he is a fast healer I can already see the new scales coming in but I'm doing 50% changes once or twice a day
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