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    1 Not allowed!
    Okay so there are a couple of problems going on here that I can see.

    1 - ammonia in tap water.
    There are a couple of members here who have 1ppm of ammonia in their tap water and they still keep fish just fine. Theoretically, if you are talking about a tank that has been cycled, the advice would be to perform frequent small water changes instead of further spaced large ones. That way you are only adding a small amount of ammonia which the biofilter will take care of in short order.

    Your problem is that you are essentially performing a fish in cycle with that tap water and that is going to make it very hard on your fish as you don't yet have the bacteria to convert that ammonia quickly.

    I know it sucks but I do think the best course of action would be for you to return your fish to the store and complete a fishless cycle.

    If you decide against that we can help talk you through how to complete your cycle but I suspect it will be long frustrating process and your fish will struggle.

    What dechlorinator are you using? Seachem Prime will help make that ammonia less harmful to your fish during this process

    2 -Ick
    On top of an uncycled tank this weakens and stresses the fish tremendously. Not only is the ick rough on them, but I have heard that malachite green is incredibly toxic. That medication will kill the beneficial bacteria that you need to be growing to complete your cycle. There are other less severe ways to treat ick that are safer for your fish and won't damage your bio media. Sometimes simply adjusting your temperature is all you need.

    First it is good to be 100% sure that it's ick. Here is a great article that will help you confirm that diagnosis as well as review all your treatment options.

    Let me know how you decide to proceed. If you are going to return the fish (best scenario for them) and fishless cycle, then some of these other concerns will be irrelevant.
    10 gallon live planted aquarium with 6 neons
    90 gallon fw community in progress

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    Well I know you dont want me to go this way but I'm gonna keep the fish because I'm sure I have a mating pair of JDs. So I'm going to buy some prime tomorrow and some more ceramic rings for my filter. Now I have a 29g that is young but is cycled just has the ammonia from the tap. Could I take something from that tank to speed up the cycle?
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    IMO the tank is small for keeping all the fishes you mentioned you have.

    Try getting the filter media from someone you know who has a fully cycled tank, This will bring in the necessary BB and will make the cycle process fast.

    Please make sure you do the water changes daily until you get the tank cycled and do add anti-chlorine when you do a water change.

    Please keep the water a bit warm to fight the ich. And it warm for 2 more weeks even after the ich is gone.

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    Ok i have a cycled tank should I put that filter in my canister then or just in the wat
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    Please put the filter media from your cycled tank into the filter that you are using in a tank to get it cycled..

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    Can that bring diseases to the tank though?
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    You have to make sure that the source of your 'filter media' is from a healthy tank. If there has been any disease recently in the tank the filter media comes from, don't use it, as you may be transferring unwanted pathogens. Also, transfer the seed media promptly, or the bacteria will be shocked and die off. Also, do not use filter media material from an aquarium that has drastically different water parameters than the new tank. The pH should be a similar range, meaning don't transfer something from a tank with hard alkaline water to a tank that has soft acidic water. The bacteria may die off, and you will be causing more problems than you are solving.

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    Yea it had diseases and what do you mean by transferring seed media
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zfro09 View Post
    Yea it had diseases and what do you mean by transferring seed media
    Sorry for confusion here but It's filter media that you would seed or put from a cycled tank to the new tank that has to be cycled.

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    Ok I'm gonna do that and get prime for the tap water
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