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    Default New to Aquariums

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    I have recently decided to buy an aquarium and try to do a reef tank eventually.

    My Husband and I have been going through a rough patch with the family life and went to a pet store. There I saw my fist reef tank, it was so mesmerizing and calm but fascinating. My husband had a FOWLR tank years and years ago and had always said he would like another some day. So here we were at the pet store and I was falling in love with all the eye candy and he mentions it again. I said yes please get another, he looks at me and says "really?" and I said lets do it. I thought this would be a good outlet for excess energies and something to do together. And I still feel that way but I must say I am in over my head.

    I feel like this could be very rewarding but from what I have read it may be overwhelming.

    We have not received our tank yet for they could not drill the plumbing into the tank we picked (Tempered glass on the bottom), so they have had to make our tank from scratch. This has left me with a lot of time to research. The start up cost is enormous, well more than we were initially quoted. We have had issues with what lighting to choose, which powerheads, which protein skimmer and now Im worried about the cycling process. What about dosing? hmmmm.......

    We have got

    135 gallon tank (6ft' x 18" x 24")
    Ecotech Gen 3 pro lighting x 3
    ATI Power cone I-series protein skimmer
    Ecotech MP40 powerheads
    36 Watt UV filter
    Sump RL 300
    Titanium heater (cannot remember the brand or type)
    Reef Link
    Neptune apex Base Unit
    Sality salt water mix
    G probe
    150 lbs of uncured live rock
    and then all the small things like
    sand siphoner
    algae scrapers
    Tap water conditioner
    Test kits
    um....... I'm sure im missing some things

    But I was hoping maybe some kind individual would read this and tell me if I got the basics and that I'm set up for success beginning with the equipment.

    Im very excited but terrified.

    As my name states I think I'm in over my head.

    Thank you

    And I wish all of you the best of luck in having beautiful healthy aquariums.

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    Hello , welcome aboard. I hope you will enjoy the forum.
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    Welcome to the forum, do yourself a favor and read the "stickies" in the saltwater section, some great info there.
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    Found the stickies, thank you

    I have been on the internet for the past week researching, watching youtube, been to 3 separate fish stores trying to collect and find all the information I can, spent about 16 hrs in them all together in the past few days asking anything and everything I could think of about the products and systems, the nitrogen cycle and so on, but I thought coming on this forum would be good for specific questions I may encounter now and asking for help later on when I start to get everything going. One problem I am finding is that there is no "right" way to do it, there are many varied opinions. I encountered this first when trying to pick out lighting. Then you have to wonder if what your reading has been sponsored by the manufactures or companies promoting their products. Im am ambitious and determined, my husband more so, which leaves me to believe we will be successful in the end.

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    Good news, I have already read all of those stickies, must be going in the right direction

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    welcome to the forums, you won't find much for corporate shills hear pushing a specific product but there is a lot of seasoned people in both fresh and salt water alike that can give solid advice.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum!

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    Image - Welcome wave.gif to the AC, the place to be for fishkeeping!

    Many friendly and very knowledgeable members here. Be not afraid, many of us have felt overwhelmed at one point or another. If someone on this forum recommends a specific item or brand, it is because they or someone they know has had personal experience (good or bad) using that item.

    Welcome and good luck!
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    Ok, so I will be curing live rock in my brand new aquarium on Friday it looks like. I have read a lot about the cycling process but no one says if you should have the lights on in your Tank for this. I understand if you are curing live rock to put in an aquarium already established you have the rock in a container with no light, is this true when doing it a new aquarium?

    Thanks so much

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    Now that you are going to be starting your aquarium up, you may want to start a journal thread to post your questions, and pics of your progress, rather than maintaining this "intro" thread.

    But, to answer your question, it doesn't really matter if the lights on or not, generally folks keep the lights off to prevent unwanted algae growth - while the tank is cycling, there are lots of excess nutrients, and algae can sometimes get a start on your tank before you do, lol...and you have a fight on your hands before you even start.
    So, personally, I would have the lights off.
    Have you tested your plumbing yet? You'll want to test your plumbing before you start putting anything in your tank, to make sure everything runs without overflowing or leaking. It will be easier to fix if required while empty.

    You've got a great start-up list there, more than most folks start off with unless they buy a currently running tank from someone getting out of the hobby. You are one of the few people we haven't had to say "Buy the biggest tank you can" or "buy better equipment to start, you'll only end up replacing it later and spending twice as much" to, lol.

    But it will be worth it in the end, once you get a year under your belt, the maintenance will be a breeze!
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