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    Default German blue rams or Bolivian rams

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    I am setting upa 15g tank(not tall) and since it basically has the same foot print as a 20g tall and i was thinking a pair of german blue rams or Bolivian rams (male and a female) no other fish but now i dont know should i get Br since they are hardier then GBR but also get bigger or GBR witch are smaller and have better colors but from what i know they can be pretty sensitive + they ned lover PH and water hardness.

    What are your opinions my ph (7.6) so i don"t know i"ve also heard about peat for lowering ph but it makes the water brown witch i dont like.

    What do you think BR or GBR considering my ph is on the high side + what are the alternative methods for lowering the PH??

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    At 7.6 you are fine to have GBR, if you are experienced I'd say go with the gbr, they can be successfully bred in that size tank. You will need to provide enough line of sight breaks to prevent aggression issues between the two.

    Also, you need to be sure you are getting a pair, and not just a male and a female...

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    Is this a 15g as in 60cm x 30cm x 30cm (Same as my 15g) if so I'm not sure if bolivian rams would be suitable as IMO they require a bigger tank. Whereas a 15g IMO is ok for a pair of GBR. However as you stated GBR do prefer softer and acidic water but BR still prefer soft water and although they can go slightly above ph 7, I believe they also prefer acidic water.

    I keep my German Blue Ram tank's water very soft with a ph of 6.4 using a combination of remineralised reverse osmosis water, an active substrate and regular water checks to be on the safe side.

    Peat would work but it more difficult to do as it is slightly unpredictable if you lack experience with it. Other organic products have similar effects on the ph such as leaf litter and bogwood, but again, these are difficult to use with a good degree of accuracy unless you have experience with them.
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    A pair of gbr to are great for your 15g. Just make sure to build the tank around them.also multiple apistogramma are good.

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