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  1. Default Looks like this is the intro thread

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    Hello, I'm very very new to this and I never thought it was this complicated! Don't laugh when I tell you how this started now. O.K laugh. I would. I was playing an aquarium game on Facebook. And really enjoyed decorating themes in tanks more than anything else. I was quite content there playing with my non demanding fish I could walk away from and have very minimum responsibility for. I mean if one died it wasn't real. But, one day this game decided to really up the prices on the aquarium decor and fish. What? Well, I can buy REAL fish for the money I'm flippin out on this make believe and OWN my own fish and aquarium! So knowing I'm a beginner I set out and buy a little five gallon aquarium set and some guppies. Fancy guppies. Their suppose to be easy, I mean my mom raises them in a one gallon little thing on her dresser and barely does anything with them. They have babies, she does nothing and this has been going on for years. My mom's are feeder guppies, quite drab little creatures so I opt for the bright colored fancy guppies! Like all idiot newbies I go home and set up the aquarium and add the fish. THEN I begin reading...yeah I see you now going "yep dumb newbies". I read and read and read, like a sponge. I see all my mistakes, number one not cycling the tank first. Well I am diligent about the water changes and I make it through some awful looking water and not losing many fish at all!! (proud of that one) and now my tank is crystal clear and beautiful! What happens next of course it's all in the cards of guppy owners..wanna BREED THEM. I set up another tank and search for the females. I don't have quite as good of luck with the girls for some reason but now I have three girlies living in a five gallon and six males in a ten gallon. I've read and read about breeding and breeding nets and fry and on an on. My BF is becoming a bit worried about how many tanks I'll have all over the house. LOL...I've gotten quite attached to my males and they are spoiled when you come close to the tank they run to greet you like a dog! Did I mention I've now probably spent wayyy more than I would have on the Facebook game? oops...well I'm enjoying it. I REALLY didn't need this though because let me mention right here that I also have dogs and horses that take up a lot of my time. Lord, I must have a huge need to nurture!! Things are running smooth as can be expected for a greenhorn like myself and I have one male that I really want to breed because he has a huge fan of a tail that is beautiful! I'm holding myself back until everything is perfect with both sets of little guppies and the tanks are right and I know enough. Hopefully I know enough at some point because sacrificial guppies are not fun, it's heart wrenching. Never thought I'd say that about a fish but it's to be expected from an avid animal lover I guess?? I didn't know the little jokers would run to greet me and stay by the side of the tank as long as I was there. Little as I think things are going great I see white or silvery bubbles on the guppies!!! Ick?? IDK started reading again and again and keep running across different ideas on salt and meds and such and becoming frustrated and this is getting HARD!! I had one that I just knew had dropsey (read up on that one) but he's been that way for two weeks and still eats, swims and acts quite normal so I'm assuming now he's FAT! Now I've found three dead ones in a matter of a week and yes doing the water changes and so forth but thinking I may have ick or I'm going to be a hypochrondriac for the fish!! So I find myself joining the forums of professionals to seek advice, pester, and let them guide and laugh at me....seems like it's going to be interesting for one of us at least!!! LOL glad to meet everyone and HELLLLPPPPPPP!!!

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    Hello , welcome aboard. I hope you will enjoy the forum.
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    Welcome to the forum, there are alot of very helpful people here.
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    welcome to the forums

    it would help if you could break your post up into paragraphs, makes things easier to read
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    Hi and welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome to AC! My guess is the ick came from putting them in an un-cycled tank. Guppies are one of the hardiest fish so that may be why they didn't die sooner, but after awhile that un-cycled tank will take it's toll. I no longer have guppies, but with my current fish, I treat my tank with Melafix. If you have any carbon in your tank (found in some filter cartridges), you'll want to take the carbon out before treating. If I remember correctly, you can dose your aquarium with salt with guppies. Like FT said, it would help to break it down a bit.

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    Default Looks like this is the intro thread

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    Welcome! There are some members who don't take the time to read all the way through these introductions, rather they skim and then make sure you get welcomed to the forum.

    You will get much more detailed and direct help with your questions by creating a thread under the "fish diseases" category for the possible ick issue and if you have other questions they can also be opened as new threads in the specific matching category or just the beginner forum if you can't find the right category.

    Also when you make your post in the disease section, it will be a big help to give everyone your tank specs up front. List the size of tank, size of filter, number of fish and exact readings for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Those are all the puzzle pieces you'll be asked for to help diagnose possible imbalances in your tank.
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    Welcome to the AC...

    If your going to be breeding guppies your going to need a bigger tank, A 30 gallon minimum.
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