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Thread: Kinda fat....

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    Default Kinda fat....

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    I have had this guy for a few months now, and he's always been kinda fat-bellied. He's a very good eater, and in general good health, I believe. Just wondered why the belly? Could he have a internal parasite? I've not noticed any other outward signs.
    Fat rasbora.jpg

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    There are two other harlequins in this tank with him. I plan on a bigger tank in the near (hopefully) future so I can remedy the small numbers of the schooling fish I have now.

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    If the fish is not pooping white stringy matter, it is active, doesn't display any weird twitching or listlessness, and obviously eats very well...then I would say it is just a fatty.
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    LOL Then he is just a fatty! hahahaha Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaLady View Post
    LOL Then he is just a fatty! hahahaha Thanks
    I have a few fatties, but they are all platys, lol...he IS a hefty harley!
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    that is because your platy's are always pregnant Slap...
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    Couldn't this be a female harlequin?
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    Aiden makes a good point.
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    Haha I had a fat male guppy before but later found out he had bloat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aiden123 View Post
    Couldn't this be a female harlequin?
    I was thinking the same.


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