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    Jan 2010
    Red Bank, New Jersey

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    Both of mine are in my small tv room connected to my bedroom. I'd prefer to have them in my bedroom with me but my room is wayyy too tiny for that.
    My 10 Gallon Aquarium Journal
    10 Gallon Planted: 1x Apistogramma trifasciata, 8x Nannostomus marginatus
    20 Gallon: 1x Mikrogeophagus ramirezi, 10x Nannostomus beckfordi, 3x Otocinclus vittatus

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    This thread was perfect timing. Hubby and I have been having this discussion since I broke down the tank from my classroom and brought it home, which then had me debating filling it. The living room is the quietest room in the house. it's usually the dogs and myself with the tv off. Our teenage girls are in their rooms if they're home unless we are playing a game or watching a movie.

    I want every tank in here with me because i have a big soft (and ugly lol) chair/ottoman that i love to sit in and can literally spend a few hours watching the fish. Hubby says more than one tank in the room takes away from the main tank.

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    Two tanks in the front room worked for me, one was to the left of "my chair", the other (gone now, 50g given to my nephew) sat in the corner to the left of the TV.
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    my 15 gallon is in the sunroom where hubby and I read the paper, watch the morning news and have coffee. It's also where he watches TV at night (because we don't like the same shows :o)
    my 30 gallon is in the family/living room now so I can watch it in the evenings when I watch TV/
    Hubby and I talk back and forth between the two rooms :o)
    my 90 is in my home office where I spend a minimum of 8 hours every day working - and distracting myself from work watching the fish and noodling around out here.
    It takes me about 2 hours to change the water and mess with this filter or that one every week. usually on a Saturday.
    Good thread. Fun to see what others are doing
    30 g FW planted:corys, ABNP, blue angel, harleys, zebra danios, nerites & mystery snails
    15 g FW planted: crown tail betta, neons, snails
    90 g FW semi planted: Blood Parrots, severum, Jurupari, EBJD, congos, kribs, clown pleco, snails
    90 Gal Journal:
    Fishless cycling:
    Cycling with fish:

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    My 10g is on the bar between the kitchen and living room. I set the tank up so you can see from the front and the back.

    My 3g is on the dresser in my bedroom.

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    I've developed a habit of watching my dining room tank after I'm finished dinner. I wasn't sure at first if I'd like the task there but now I really do. Our living/dining are connected though so I can see all 3 tanks from either room. Some day when we have our basement finished into a nice rec room I'll likely have all tanks down there in a nice display.
    Don't poke the crazy

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    56G Column- Living room
    50G Planted Goldfish- Bedroom
    20G Planted- Office at work
    50G High Tech- Home Office/Fish Room
    4G Evolve- Desk in Home Office/Fish Room

    There will soon be 4 75Gs on 2 double stands and another 56G Column in said Home Office/Fish Room. Right now it takes me about 2 hours to prune/do WCs/ maintain filters/ etc. I expect when they are all going that will become about 5 hours per week
    20G High-Tech Planted|50G High-Tech Planted|50G Goldfish Tank|56G Column Low-Tech Planted

    4x75Gs coming soon

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    75g planted community - living room
    Tripe 10 stack - dining room (part of living room too)
    30g breeder - no fish yet - in basement filled and running
    The Dirty 75
    11 Parva Rainbow, 2 Platies, 14 Sterbai, 4 Calico BN Pleco
    My Triple 10 Stack
    My First AC Thread

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    Living in a townhouse condo, I have a large living/dining room area that right now has only one chair/ottoman, one bookcase and one table plus the dogs' crates. No dining table or living room furniture (have an eat-in kitchen and a den). So in this area I have a 26 (soon to be replaced by a 40B), a 25, a 10 and a 20 long. In my den is a 5 gal which started it all. And on my kitchen counter is a Spec V. My son's bedroom has a 20 high.

    I too would really like to finish the basement and consolidate and move everything down there. But my now 27 yr old son is finally on his way, graduating college this spring, starting grad school and he received three job offers for the fall, one of which he has accepted. So, anticipating he'll be moving out in a year or so (they do move out right?), do I really need all that extra room?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaster View Post
    Its an all day thing if I try to do them all at once. Normally I try to break it up to a few tanks a day. So I pretty much feel like I never finish... lol
    I'm only running roughly half the number of tanks as you and I already feel like it's a never ending job. Good thing it's a job I enjoy. :D


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