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    Default Jenn's 50G "Joint Custody" Planted Gold Tank

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    This tank is a joint custody setup which my SO and I are sharing. The SO is also a long term fish keeper however...has an affinity for tanks which are not so "au naturale". Many shipwrecks and skulls were featured in the SOs aquariums which were all given up during our house searching. Thus the tank reigns were given up almost entirely to me...which I do appreciate as with our downsizing left much less square footage for the 20 or so aquariums we had combined. I have featured some species in my tanks which the SO enjoys...however there has not been any decor for the SO until now.

    We have settled on goldfish as the SO has always kept a goldfish tank and well I admittedly do miss my large fancy gold pond which was at the old house. Thus we have settled on a 50G Top Fin which I got on sale some months ago for $110. It is the same footprint as a 55G however is only 19" tall...this simple element actually has made the tank easier to scape into a pleasing setup. I honestly wouldn't mind working with another one of these tanks in the future even though I vowed off of long skinny tanks. Here are some specs for the nerds:

    Tank: Top Fin 50G (48x12.5x19)
    Lighting: Coralife 130watt PC
    Heating: is pretty much a constant 72*F
    Filtration: Fluval 405, I feel the need to add a HOB to this tank however this would need to be a very "slim" one due to the tank's location and it being close to the wall
    Substrate: Black Diamond 20/40 Blasting Grit....if you've never used it I highly recommend it
    Hardscape: 2 large pieces of driftwood, 20 pounds of river stone, few random rocks and pieces of slate from my stockpile
    Plants: all just leftovers or trimmings....Hygro sp. tiger, NL java fern, Anubias barteri, Jungle val

    The Un-Natural: We have placed an order for a 18" Blue LED bubble wand...this will be on a separate timer to come on after the main lights go off. So at night we will have the blue LEDs for moonlights and "bubbles" also to appease the SO. We are also looking for a 6-8" buddha statue to place amongst our rock work also to appease the SO's desire for an ornament. We went for a more "asian" inspired look to compliment the goldfish. We are also probably going to put pressurized CO2 on this tank in the coming months as over the past few months the SO has been corrupted and now seems to enjoy the explosive growth of a high tech planted.

    We plan to stock 4 fantail goldfish, 2 BN Plecos, and a group of zebra danios. Thanks to some seeded media and load of plants I went ahead and stocked 2 BN plecos and 2 very small calico fantails. I will also be adding 2 more golds next week of a similar size. I am hopeful that getting the golds so small will help ensure they dont become confused and think they are a herd of cattle in the tank.

    Pics to come later tonight
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    always new projects with you! Can't wait to see pics.

    I have a 72gal bowfront that i don't know what to do with atm. Am considering goldfish as they seem to be very popular and easy to keep. I imagine there has to be a reason for their popularity...I've never been fond of them as everyone seems to have them and I don't like bubble eyed type fish, but perhaps I should give them a try and see for myself...

  3. Default

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    Looking forward to some pics of the "joint custody" tank!! I enjoyed goldfish for many years, but ended up with only 2 in a 90 gal and still had to change water twice a week...wonderful friendly fish...but man can they poop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeboraBremner View Post
    ...but man can they poop!
    The plecos aren't exactly mini-poopers themselves either, lol...this will be a neat tank to watch progress
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    Plants will combat the excess waste of both along with very heavy bio-filtration. I have 2 trays of biomax and 2 trays of Ehfilav in the 405.

    I am contemplating a HOB as previously said but there is not much room behind the tank at all...I am thus considering this filter:

    I only need some fine mechanical filtration and would like some chemical filtration to combat some tannins. No idea on the quality of this item...however it looks like a larger knock off of the Marina brand slim filter.

    That was kind of the position I took on deciding what to stock the tank with. We have several cichlid tank projects in the works...have about all the small shoalers we goldfish were an obvious choice. They are pretty interactive, larger peaceful fish which you can do with plants. Hope things work out Im pretty excited about this one.
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    Have had some serious clarity issues with the tank...thus the lack of photos. I wound up digging two small HOBs out of storage and outfitting them with carbon, chemi pure, and a poly filter. Clarity has greatly expect photos later tonight. I think I will be keeping the small HOBs which are an AC50 and an AquaTech 10-20 which happens to be the perfect size for a polyfilter(well you do have to trim about 2" off the top).

    We have 4 small fantails in the tank. Have 1 traditional Red, 2 calicos, and one which is a traditional red with black spots.

    We will be adding a shoal of about 12 zebra danios in the future however I am going to let the tank sit as it is for the next few weeks. We also need to order the SO some non-natural garb
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    As promised :)

    And pics of 3 of the golds...I didnt get a moderately OK one of the red fantail, however I am sure everyone knows what they look like anyway.

    These two are my favs.

    This one is the SOs fav
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  8. Default

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    The tank looks great! I sure love the driftwood and java? to the right!! I love seeing goldfish being well cared for!

  9. Default

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    another beautifully scaped tank!
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    Thank you both...I am curious how the tank fills out. The plant on the wood is NL Java fern. All of the golds came from our local Wal-Mart, very interesting to see how much they have perked up in only a matter of a single week. The rock on the piece of wood on the left are also only temporary, wood floats without it.
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

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