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    Question pond snail control

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    ok so last Saturday I got some plants and friday I was aquascaping my tank and I noticed that one of my rocks hade some clear eggs on it I put it in my breeder box and last night I noticed a weird white clear and brown thing moving on my glass and it looked like a pic of a baby pond snail I saw so I was wondering if there was anything that would eat snails that would fit in my tank.

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    Best thing to do is smush them against the glass, then little fish will eat them. Adding things really just creates future problems.

    I have assassins, but now have issues because they eat the eggs of fish too

    Many snail eating fish get very large

    There are many methods to remove the snails, try those first before adding something

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    ok so I couldn't find any snails in the breeder box that I saw one. ok so my friends down the street have a tank with pond snails in it so they said I could have one and I am going to give them some plants so tonight I set up the breeder box with hornwort, Brazilian pennywort, a quarter sized ball of java moss, a small marimo ball, and a aponageton bulb that is just starting to sprout leaves would this be ok for the snail it's a top fin 3 way breeder?

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    ok they aren't actually pond snails they are acute bladder snail I think.

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    Sorry but I'm not quite sure what the question are wanting to keep the snail(s)?
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    lol, if you want to breed snails, you're not going to have a problem. Just throw one in your tank and watch the magic happen. ;]
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    as long as you don't put anything else in there that will eat them like dwarf puffers or assassin snails
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    ok I actually got 2 and put them in my breeder box with the plants I said in my 2nd post and I also put in some flakes it also has an air pump on it.(how much could I sell a snail for?)

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    Assassin snails $2, trumpet snail like $.25 ea, others Kevin should no

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    do you know how much I could sell the bladder snails for?

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