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Thread: PH question

  1. Default PH question

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    I ran the master tests yesterday and everything looked good but the PH had gone up from 6.8 to 7.6 in just over a week. The only thing we did different this week was add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water, would this have made that much difference?? Is it a huge problem to have this level PH?

    10 Gallon beginner

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    Yup, baking soda definitely would have done that. To comment on whether or not this this pH is a problem for your tank, I'd need to know what type of fish you have. However, I can tell you that the CHANGE in pH was problematic, as the acid concentration increased nearly ten times in such a short time period. How come you added the baking soda?
    Joseph Granata
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    baking soda is alkaline since it is used to neutralize acid, ie, it will raise you ph

    0-6.9 pH = acidic
    7.0 ph = neutral
    7.1+ = alkaline or basic is it also known
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    I have a dwarf gourami, molly, 2 molly fry and a mystery snail. I was told to add the baking soda to help brink up the GH/KH. Should I do a 50%water change and not add any baking soda?

    10 Gallon beginner

  5. Default

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    Hmmm. I don't really know that much about GH/KH because I've never had to change those parameters so I haven't read up on them.

    I assume that quickly changing the GH/KH/pH would stress your fish (as is true with rapidly changing any water parameter), but I'm not sure whether it would be worse to leave it the way it is. I would say do two 25% WCs instead to bring the levels down slower if you want to. Sorry I couldn't be of very much help - hopefully someone who knows more about GH/KH can help.
    Joseph Granata
    My decommissioned 37gal freshwater community tank journal:
    My current 37gal FOWLR tank journal:

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    Wow... I'm amazed your fish haven't gone into shock of some sort. lol That's quite a change in pH in just a week. Honestly, I wouldn't have dosed with any chemicals (baking soda included) to alter pH, you're better off leaving it alone, as the constant changes will stress your fish.

    Most fish can handle a range of pH. For instance, the gourami can handle a pH within the range of 6.0 to 7.5. Mollies are pretty hardy fish and since they're probably tank raised, they're more likely to be able to adapt to your lower pH situation.

    Do small water changes... I would do 10% in a week, then another 10% after a few days, and so on, so you can gradually bring your pH back down to your stable range.
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    I'd wish more people would question what they do "I was told" often leads to trouble.

    Anyway, mollies like it hard, gourami like it soft.

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    Thanks - the fish "seem" fine, so I will do the smaller changes

    10 Gallon beginner

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    No prob. These things happen, because there's a lot of bad advice circling the hobby (usually in big box shops and the like). If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! =]
    Adventures in Aquaria - The KevinVA Story

    When in doubt, ask yourself... W.W.L.S (What would Lee Say)?

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    Altering the GH/KH (which is what you did by adding the baking soda) is much more stressful on your fish than the changing pH. In natural water systems pH can fluctuate quite a bit every 24 hours, sometimes a full point or more and the fish are fine because the GH/KH stays the same. GH, KH, and pH are all related and a changing pH can indicate a change in GH/KH, and it is the change in the other two not the pH that stresses the fish. I suggest you bring it back to where it is naturally in your tank slowly so you don't over stress the fish.
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