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  1. Default Anyone else have an angel like mine?

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    So first, I'm new here, but definitely not to aquariums. I have always had natural aquariums with live plants and natural food or live food when available.
    Angels have always been one of my favourite fish. I know a fair bit about them. I even had a rescued angel that lost ALL of her fins! And we managed to keep for alive and well until weird rather stumpy looking fins grew.
    Anyways enough about me.
    Currently I have two angels.
    My blue angel, Zeyphur, who I adopted as an adult
    And my special angel, Flash.
    The thing with Flash is, no one here has an angel like flash, they don't order or sell them and no one seems to know much about her ( I'm from a small place)
    I got Flash at a really young age, still eating brine shrimp and virtually invisible lol. She was already starting to show that she would have the " blushing gene" mutation. As she began to take shape and grow her fins were not fixed like ALL the other fish in the group ( and there were a lot of them) I kept checking back with the breeder and his tank was full of little fixed fin " normal" looking angel fish with three or four showing the blushing gene. He was dumbfounded when he saw a picture of Flash because she looks so different. I think she is gorgeous. She continued to grow with her long flowing fins. She seems healthy. All her tank mates love her ( all my fish get a long like family) any fish that throw off the chemistry of the tank go back to the store. She loves swimming around and has lived what seems to be a very happy, healthy life so far. Flash is almost a year old.



  2. Default

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    I've never kept angels and know next to nothing about them, but Flash is an absolutely gorgeous fish.


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    Very pretty angels you have
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    Hello and welcome to the forum....and you are very right!! Flash is a beautiful angel!

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    Flash is a veil angel with long, flowing fins. Looks like a marbled veil angel.

    Bingo. See the first pictures on the left.
    Last edited by Taurus; 02-20-2014 at 01:28 PM.
    When in doubt, do a water change.

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  6. Default

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    they are both beautiful fish! Flash has the longest fins I've ever seen! just gorgeous.
    I have blue angel similar to yours. have attached a photo of her. We call her Pearl. She's a pearlscape Philippine marble.
    Other than yours, this is the first blue angel I've seen posted on the AC. If anyone else out there has a blue, it would be fun to see more photos.
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    Nice angelfish and welcome to the forum
    Current tanks:
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    Thanks I really do love them! I've just never seen an angel with Fins as long as what flash has!

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    Beautiful long fins!

    fishmommie, I love the colors on the fish!

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