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    Default Have a serious case of MTS

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    I picked up a 2.6g top fin cube tank today. It comes with an internal filter and a led light. It is going to be planted and it's going to house my CBS. I currently have 3 of them in my 10g community. A female was berried once but she dropped the eggs. I'm hoping that moving them will lessen any stress and maybe they'll breed.

    To cycle the filter I put it in my 10g. How long will it need to be in there to cycle? The media was sponge and charcoal but changed the charcoal out for biomax.

    Also I bought fluval stratum plant soil for the tank. Since I have the filter cycling in the 10g obviously I can't fill and plant the small tank. Will the cycle be OK on that filter if I just add it to the new tank with brand new substrate?

    How would you deal with this situation?
    Don't poke the crazy

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    I've never cycled a filter that way, but I believe that I have read that it takes about four weeks. I'm sure it would take less, maybe significantly less, if you seed it with media from your existing filter.

    Also, I'm totally with you on the MTS. I'm about to set up the fourth tank in my house. Seventh tank overall if you count the ones in my wife's classroom. It truly is an addiction.


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    Yeah shrimp have such a small bioload that if you can sacrifice a small amount of media from the filter on the ten i bet it would give it a big enough jump start to put on the 2.5 gal right away .
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    uhoh. And you know there is no cure for MTS right?
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    Thanks everyone! Crunchy that's a good idea didn't even think of it. There's not much extra room to put seeded material but I sure I can figure something out.
    How about the substrate issue? Anyone have experience with the fluval plant stuff? Does it need to sit in the tank for a bit before adding the shrimp?
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    I know. I'm afraid. However I could justify this one because it isn't a "fish" tank, its a shrimp tank....I have a problem.
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    So I have the tank set up and running. I took about 5 pieces of biomax from my 10g and added it to the inside of the sponge, and I also cut off a piece of sponge and added it to the new filter. How can I test this 2.6g to see if it could handle shrimp? I really don't want to kill them when I could have prevented it.
    Don't poke the crazy

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Sarah View Post
    So I have the tank set up and running. I took about 5 pieces of biomax from my 10g and added it to the inside of the sponge, and I also cut off a piece of sponge and added it to the new filter. How can I test this 2.6g to see if it could handle shrimp?
    Test the same way you do a regular tank. Check the water parameters. but, you need the shrimp in there very soon or you'll lose the BB in your biomax and sponge because it won't have a source of ammonia to feed it. I'd put them in, keep a close eye on the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates for a while and if you get a little spike, it will be a piece of cake to do water changes until things stabilize because the tank is so small.

    Having said that, it's also very easy for a small tank's water chemistry to get out of whack so you'll probably have to test often and do at least 50% water changes weekly
    have fun!
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    Great thanks for the advice. I have to get a heater yet for the new set up so I'll just add a bit of ammonia per day until I can get out to get one, then add the shrimp when I'm sure the params are good. In guessing 1 drop of ammonia per day will likely suffice....
    Don't poke the crazy

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