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    Quote Originally Posted by MCHRKiller View Post
    Yep, lol. Many people believe 10Ks promote algae due to the slight increase in the blue spectrum however this is also false, it isn't a large enough difference in spectrum to create a disturbance. Plants grow the same in 10K as they do in does algae if something catalysts it.
    *drops the mic* Well there ya go :) Would it be terribly bad if I bumped this thread once I have an update on the CO2? I feel like that's my first plan of action, and then see where it goes from there. Thanks for the help, again :)
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    Nope keep us updated on your progress. Just remember successful planted tanks are not difficult or complicated...its actually very simple practices once you get the hang of things and toss old ideas out the window

    Best of luck!
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    Ok sounds good, I'm not as consistently posting as much as I used to be but I'lll try my best to keep up with the progress and I'll get to the CO2 ASAP!
    Tanks: 30 gal community and 10 gal shrimp/community
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    I'm reviving this thread! GOt the two bottle CO2 set up last weekend and so afar my anacharis has SHOT up! I also got jungle vals, which I really like the look of because they reach the top of the tank. I'll try to get pics within the week/weekend. Is there any ideas about a reactor, short of putting a whole water bottle into the tank? THose are the only DIY ideas I've online, short of buying one online, which don't get me wrong, isn't that expensive but I'm just cheap. Thanks!
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    Stability is the key. Unfortunately, no matter how you look at it, DIY Co2 is just not stable enough for long term success.

    Keeping algae at bay in a planted tank requires consistently stable conditions. Whether we're talking about 35-40ppm Co2 or the 3-4ppm of a low tec, low light setup.

    A few years ago I tried everything DIY. I ran 3 two liter bottles and still the stability issues involved with DIY always caught up with me and an ugly algae outbreak was the price I would invariably pay!

    I suggest you do as others have stated and lower your lighting into the 1-1.2 wpg range. Do 30-40% water changes every week and see what happens. Or buy a proper pressure Co2 system. Have some fun with DIY Co2 but please don't get it confused with a proper Co2 setup, the difference is night and day!

    Without pressure Co2 and EI dosing I would have been able to obtain this.
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    That is very impressive! That's the kind of growth and lusciousness I would hope to achieve.
    As for the CO2, I'm gonna stick with it for awhile. I am only running one bulb atm (so 39 watts on a 30 gallon tank), and the growth on my plants is less than optimal (stunted and inconsistent, among other things). I could not let me plants and I carry on this way without changing something. Dosing ferts alone and changing light fixtures didn't work, so that brings me to this project lol. I already do do a water change once a week, usually 30-50%, and the light is on about 8 hours a day. Trust me, I have worked hard to keep it as low tech as possible (I finally achieved that goal on my ten gallon:light on, light off) but it is not as easy as that in my 30. It's my own would have all been ok if I had just bought anubias and crypts at the beginning, but alas, I went with anacharis, wisteria, and more recently, those jungle vals. I'll come right to here if an algae outbreak occurs! Sorry to hear that it didn't work out for you
    Tanks: 30 gal community and 10 gal shrimp/community
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    Updates on CO2! Everything going well so far, have been replenishing a bottle every week with a shake-up to the other. After I put the CO2 in, I noticed an extremely slight pH change over the course of 24 hours. Like a slightly lighter shade of dark blue on the API test kit, enough to account for .1 on the pH scale at the most. My plants seem to be doing better as well honestly: there is a bunch of juvenile growth from the jungle vals which I'm not sure I would have gotten otherwise, the anacharis is consistently growing, the crypts' leaves don't seem as brittle and crippled as before (even though they weren't that brittle and crippled to begin), and even my anubias is doing fine. I seemed to notice a slight increase in the amount of brown algae in my tank as the amount of CO2 decreased as time went on as well. Oh well, at least brown algae is easy to clean. Oh, and I will move my updates about CO2 from now on to my 30 gallon journal in my signature. Thanks all!
    Tanks: 30 gal community and 10 gal shrimp/community
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