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    Default I knew the "Tanked" guys knew what they were talking about! AP dumbs it down...

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    I was watching a video on youtube and saw this ad about setting up your first aquarium. The guys from the Animal Planet show Tanked were doing the commercial. I found it funny because I was just talking to someone a few weeks ago about how I know the guys from Tanked know what they're doing, but Animal Planet doesn't want a show about testing water and cycling tanks. I find it irresponsible the tanks they make sometimes. A quick google search and you can find a list of complaints from on screen customers of fish dying within a week. And is the ratio of people giving up on aquariums they're first year, is that true? If so, that's pretty sad! Anyway, just thought I would share! Commercial --->

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    If you ever watch one of the shows, you will see that they will never talk about filtration or even the basics of the nitrogen cycle. Most likely because that is not entertaining enough for their target audience. I don;t think the show Tanked was ever meant to be educational, only for entrainment.

    I have always wished I could go a see (first hand, in person) how they have set-up a tank. That would be the only true way to assess how well they know what they are doing.
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
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    Interesting point Cliff. To me, and probably many people in the hobby, they now come across as extremely incompetent which they obviously are not otherwise they wouldnt still be in business.

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    they make wonderful tanks for sure, but i think they are falling short on their own advice in that video. they really dont cycle their tanks, but they dump in massive bacteria booster before adding the fish. on top of that the fish they add to certain tanks should never be in that sized tank. the fresh water tanks are their worst when it comes to the stocking. all this being said, would i consider buying a tank from these people? heck yea i would. would i consider letting them do all the leg work for stocking it or filtration? probably not. i find it funny when they did that tv tank for the little kid, the in/out tubes for what ever filter they were using looked to be 2" diameter.
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    While I have not seen the show, I have seen examples of some of the tanks they made. While I may buy one and may let them decorate it, I will leave filtration and fish selection up to me.
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    I would like to see updates of these tanks a few years down the road. I remeber seeing the phonebooth tank for sale shortly after the episode aired. lol.
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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    When I was on Las Vegas last summer I went to the ATM store to show my daughter their fish and birds. I talked to Wade and the General who were both in the store greeting customers. They seemed a lot more together than on tv and Wade was even educating one customer about some inappropriate stock in her tank (practice what you preach eh?)
    I noticed that the gumball machine tank from the serendipity cafe was sitting in the back corner of their warehouse empty, but I didn't ask them about it.

    Later in the week I was at Ceasars palace so I went to that cafe out front for a snack and I asked the manager where the tank went. He said that the Las Vegas heat was baking the fish and they had to tear it down.
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    I wonder if some of the tanks they create are just made for show and not actually made for use in the stores they place them in. They just want to show that they can do it. I would expect that's what would have happened with that gumball machine tank or maybe even the popcorn machine or the pinball machine, etc.

    It's an entertaining show, but some of the things they do are ridiculous.
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    I somewhat suspect based on their reply to a critique found online that some of the stocking we see on the show... is for the show.

    Some of the issue with the show is that it seems the majority of people they are building tanks for (on the show) are not actually fish keepers. They are people that want a cool showpiece that do not have experience with maintenance to help them out... they just have these dream visions. (Winery in a wagon, Brewery in a Stand Brewer, etc.) They have quite a bit of disposable income to throw at the start of the project, but probably didn't do the long term maintenance and research thought process that really needs to go with it. So they end up over their head.

    I did not see anyplace on their sites that discuss them doing maintenance. So once the customer has the tank, its up to the customer to maintain it. (Either themself or through someone else) And if you are starting from 0, even with the most glorious set up, you are going to have problems because of your own ignorance.

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    Yeah I saw an interview with them once where they basically said "our show is not educational in nature, it's entertainment to show what can be done with some of the cool custom builds we do. We can't possibly show the complexities of fish tank maintenance in addition to that content. if you want a fish tank, it is your job to go out there and learn how to do it properly."

    That's not verbatim but in so many words.
    120 gallon FW bowfront in progress

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