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  1. Default Some pics of my tanks

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    I got a PM requesting that I introduce myself and post some pics of my tanks, so here I am. My name is Steve, I live in Oklahoma. My wife is a teacher, we currently have three tanks in our house and three more in her classroom. We also have one that we just bought, but I haven't even taken that one out of the box yet.

    Here are some pics of the tanks that I have at home.


    55 gallon. Fluval 306. Blue gouramis and pim pictus cats, probably will be adding a few more to this tank in the near future. Lots of live plants.


    46 gallon bowfront. Marineland C220. Serpae tetras, glowlight tetras, Bolivian ram, otto cats, bristlenose plecos, hatchets. I might be forgetting somebody in this tank. There are a lot of fish in there, might be a bit overstocked, but the water parameters have always stayed within acceptable levels. Tons of plants in this one, they grow like crazy in there, probably due to the high fish population. It's also got a bright LED light, which I'm sure is also a factor. Any time I find a new plant in one of my tanks I move it to this one to grow out some before moving it to it's new home.


    36 gallon bowfront. Penguin biowheel 200, aqueon quietflow 50. This is currently a cold water goldfish grow out tank. Planning on putting in a goldfish pond this year as soon as the weather turns warm enough to work outside. Again, lots of plants. Can't get enough of those aquatic plants.

    I also have another 36 gallon bowfront that is still in the box, only had it a few days. I need to build a stand for it and get it set up. Not sure how we're going to stock that one.

    I'll see if I have some pictures of the tanks at my wife's school on my phone. I think most of them may be on her phone though. Might have to wait until she gets home before I can post pics of those tanks.


  2. Default

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    Hi and welcome. Hope to see you around a lot.
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    Nice tanks, and welcome to the AC Steve!
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  4. Default

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    Welcome to the forum and your tanks looks great! Thanks for the pics!

  5. Default

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    Found a few older pictures of the frog tank in my wife's classroom. It has quite a few more plants in it now. I'm pretty proud of this setup, I almost wish it were at home so I could enjoy it more, but I visit it just about every day. I'm in charge of maintenance and feeding.





    And below is a picture of the cabinet that I built to house the tanks in my wife's classroom. This picture is very old. At the time there was a bearded dragon in the lower tank and the frogs were in the larger of the two upper tanks. The frogs now live in the 55 gallon tank in the bottom.



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    welcome to the forums and nice tanks!
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    Nice set-up in the classroom!...Mrs. Slap is a teacher also, first grade...her little heathens would have that nice cabinet tore up in no time, lol
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  8. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slaphppy7 View Post
    Nice set-up in the classroom!...Mrs. Slap is a teacher also, first grade...her little heathens would have that nice cabinet tore up in no time, lol
    My wife is pre-k teacher. I assure that the cabinet is built as solid as a rock for the very reason that you expressed. ;)

    Can't find any other pics of the stuff in her classroom on my phone. There's also a 29 gallon goldfish tank and a 55 gallon community tank there. In addition, I built her a 7 foot long guinea pig cage (but those are hardly aquatic). She has a little zoo in her classroom.


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    wow, "zoo" is right, LOL....I bet her kids love it, though...I know I would at that age do you care for those tanks during spring break, summer vacation, etc? guys must have unlimited access, at least to her room?
    10 Gallon Beginner Tank... Journal
    40 Gallon Breeder: ... Journal
    29 Gallon: ... Journal

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    Beautiful tanks, stingray! Love the frog tank and all of your plants look fantastic. Welcome to the forum and happy you're here! =]
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