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  1. Default To treat or not to treat....

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    That is the question! On Saturday I went to a fish auction at the local KoC 1/2 mile from my house. It's a one day affair where you can bid on any lot of anything. So I win the bids on 2 lots, 12 serpae tetra and 12 black neon, different vendors (all told $6.00). All babies, none more than a half inch. So in my QT I put each group in their own breeder net. Monday night I see the neons have ich. I almost missed it because everything is that much smaller than I'm used to. First I turned the heat up. When I needed it I always used Kordon with excellent results but I had none. I ran out first thing yetserday morning and got some, but over the night all 12 neons died absolutely covered in ich. Obviously between the auction sitting in bags and me re-homing them was just too much stress.
    The serpae's are magnificent all 12. So I'm like do I turn the heat down a little and medicate or not. There's not one dot on them, (4 full days), eating and schooling around the net etc. Now I remember once upon a time my other 6 serpae's were in a tank I had with ich, before the QT days. They too never once had ich from the tank. But they were in the tank, so they had to 'endure' the treatment. I really don't want to introduce Kordon to babies if I can help it.
    I've read so much on ich, but cannot find an answer to my question. One or the other brought ich to the tank. Ich has no dormant cycle. Those are two facts, right?. So take the neons out of the equation and lets say (hopefully) that the tetras never get the ich. Possibly at the white dot stage none had a chance to drop off into the gravel and such? If they did, and the tetra's are resistant does it not make sense that when the ich hatches from the substrate, finds no weak candidate must die? Do I need more than a week QT time for this? IF there is no dormant cycle, how do fish carry it, only to break out at some stress point?
    Thanks for any info. Billy.
    55 Gallon community tank.
    55 Gallon Cichlid in progress.
    75 Gallon Big Boy tank,
    29 Gallon, Planted with my Panda Garra fry.
    20 Gallon spare/QT.

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    I would defiantly QT for longer than a week when you know there was ich in the tank.

    Ich can attach to a fishes gills, in which case you won't see it, but it will still be there. While it doesn't go dormant, it does have a variable length cycle. One reason people turn up heat is to speed up the cycle.

    Do some serious gravel vacs in the QT in case a few of those lil white buggers did make it to the drop off stage and keep a close eye on your serpaes so you can treat if needed.

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    Yea, I wouldn't treat until you see signs. Just keep them in QT for 2 more weeks (unless you see any signs of ich)

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    Thanks friends. I had the take up to 82 so far and Im going to leave it for a while and monitor before raising more or lowering again. Just fed them for today, still not one sign of anything wrong. A buddy told me today that my PH could have added to the stress of the neons too. I always have low PH here and always add a chunk of coral to my tanks just to slowly maintain 6.8 or so. I have none in the QT and it is at most 6.2 today, so maybe Im partly to blame with PH shock too......He said if I dont drip, at least I should put a 1/2 cup or so of my tank water in the bag during acclimation....
    55 Gallon community tank.
    55 Gallon Cichlid in progress.
    75 Gallon Big Boy tank,
    29 Gallon, Planted with my Panda Garra fry.
    20 Gallon spare/QT.

  5. Default

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    Just an update. Well good and bad news. I found that 2 black neons actually lived, were hiding. But I did loose 7 serpaes though. Mostly the littlest babies. I had the heat up to 30.5 c and only did very low dosing of Kordon. For over a week the remainder looks great, so yesterday started dialing the heater down. I think today I will do a decent wc and thats it. I will let them recover for a good spell , theres no rush to move them or disturb the tank yet. It seems to me this was a very tough ich. Seems like it took forever at a very high heat. Thank goodness for Q tanks!!
    55 Gallon community tank.
    55 Gallon Cichlid in progress.
    75 Gallon Big Boy tank,
    29 Gallon, Planted with my Panda Garra fry.
    20 Gallon spare/QT.

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