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    Default Jenn's 20G "Work" Tank

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    Just my little 20G tank at work

    Filtration: AC 30, Cascade Internal...upgrading to AC50 soon
    Lighting: 2x18watt HOT5....20" Odyssea on for 6 hrs per day
    CO2: 2x2L DIY yeast with a glass ceramic diffuser
    Heater: was sadly the only store open.
    Substrate: HTH PF sand
    Flora: NL Java, Hygro sp. "tiger", C.wendtii, C.lucens, Red tiger lotus
    Fauna: 10 tiger barbs, adding a group of dwarf hovering loaches soon

    Tank...Mid December shortly after setting up

    Tank...first of January of today
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

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    Grrrr...nice tigers!

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    Oct 2013
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    that is some crazy plant growth. and a nice tank overall.
    Current tanks:
    37G FW - 3 Pearl Gourami, 4 Black Mollies, approximately 20+ Molly Fry, 5 Assassin Snails | 10G Planted FW - 14 Molly Fry, rocks, DW and an Anubias Nana - journal
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    Tank looks great....and your plants are amazing!

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    Thanks all! I trim 6-8" of Hygro out of this tank each week. It is amazing how fast plants grow with EI dosing and lots of CO2.

    Tiger barbs are really awesome fish, sucks they have such a bad rap because few people keep them in large enough groups.
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

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    Im still really digging my work tank, have however had some unexplainable deaths of the barbs even in the main tank. I have purchased around 30 tiger barbs and have wound up with 7. In QT I treat with my usual methods of Prazi and Metro they perk well for a few weeks...i put them in the main tank and treat the main tank for a week. Few weeks later despite a great diet and pristine conditions some just randomly die. I have also lost many in QT...just dont seem to be any healthy barbs around. Granted my only sources for fish locally is a Petsmart and a Wal-Mart.

    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

  7. Default

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    That's really unlucky with the barbs. I buy fish from petsmart most of the time since my other choices have not panned out very well. I refuse to buy from Walmart and the other semi local ones seem to always have ich in their tanks.

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    I have experienced a similar thing with my SOs goldfish tank, just randomly lost 2 fish. Fine one day dead the next with no symptoms or lapses in water quality.
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

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    I had that same issue when I had tiger barbs. I bought from two LFS's and like you I must have purchased 20 barbs and ended up with six. I've heard they were fairly hardy, so I figured I was doing something wrong. But I've been noticing this issue popping up with other aquarists on the forum so maybe I wasn't as bad at it as I thought.
    Increasing your biodiversity increases your stability.

    You know what this tank needs? ........................ Crypts.

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    Odd about the barbs...I kept tigers years ago and never experienced anything like this. However I have had similar battles with other fish species mainly including rams, dwarf gourami, angelfish, and neons. I dont think I will buy any more tiger barbs, if these make it awesome if not then I will replace them with something else. Or order some fish online.
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

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