Well, I breed all kinds of different feeder type creatures now.

It started out as me breeding roaches for my fish to eat here and there (I have doviis), but my fish won't eat them, it's so annoying. They barely even eat cut talapia, shrimp, or other cut fish.

So I sell stuff that I breed.
I was thinking about getting a predatory pet, that on the side, I could get to watch it eat great things?

I have several hundred gallon tanks, but I don't want to get something as big as a red tail catfish...
Maybe something that stays around or below 2ft. I've got a custom 600g I have being made INTO the house I'm moving to here in a couple of months.

I don't know many species of catfish, I wish I could just get some snakehead fish, but they're still illegal in the states.

What's out there that has an appetite, it's hardy, and can be bred in tanks (I also like breeding fish sometimes [convicts, oscars, doviis, platy, and some others so far]).