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    Smile Hello Everyone! I'm new here!

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    I'm Justin; from Malaysia ( Kuala Lumpur.) I'm 29. I've only just started rearing fishes again. My 2 ft tank was empty for several years. I'd say I picked up the hobby of rearing fishes when I was a kid growing up as my dad used to have a 5 ft tank; If i remember correctly; rearing Tuxedos, Tiger barbs, Angel fish and other fishes I cant quite recall.

    My recent start up of my old 2 ft tank is as follows. I'm trying have a planted tank. Hope all goes well.

    Saturday 1st February - Put in some aquarium sand; (which my older brother gave me as he stop rearing fishes.) Put in some of my old aquarium ornaments; such as a Pagoda Tower, Bridge and a piece of drift wood and a handful of fist sized rocks. Filled the tank with water in the afternoon and ran the old filter pump. After dinner; I did a water change; put in some anti- chlorine and ran the pump over night.

    Sunday 2nd February - In the morning, visited my aunt who gave me a handful of guppies. Male and female and some Egeria densa plants.

    Monday rolls round; and no casualties. Headed to the Pet store nearby. Bought an 2 ft T5 24w twin tube florescent lamp, New water filter pump; Eheim Liberty 130, an air pump, several live plants, 5 Red Platy, 5 Black Gold Molly, 2 Albino Corydoras, 8 Balloon Molly, 7 Balloon Red Eye Tetra, 5 Neon Tetra, 5 Glowlight Tetra and some fish food and fish tank accessories like air tubing and thermometer.

    Placed the travel home bag of my fishes in the tank for 20 mins to allow equalization of water temperatures to prevent my new fish from getting stress through thermal shock and arranged the new plants into the soil; and set-up new pump and equipment. With my new thermometer; I was able to monitor my water temperature. Water temp was at 30.1 Celcius at 2 am before I went to sleep.

    Tuesday morning comes by; I scanned my tank for any casualties during the night. To my surprise, all my new fishes was alive and accounted for; not only that, surfacing and asking for food. To top that, I had extra numbers too. Among the Egeria densa and new plants; baby guppies swimming around. What surprised me was that the fish was comfortable; even when my tank had not been properly cycled yet. Water temp had dropped to 28.3 Celsius.

    Headed to another pet store; bought more few more live plants; 7 amano shrimps, 4 Black Molly, 4 Blue Platy, 2 panda corydoras a glass mounted fan to help reduce water temperature.

    Wednesday and Thursday, been monitoring my tank. No casualties, all fish alive and counted for. And even more little guppies. With the fan running through the night, water temp has dropped to 24 - 26 Celcius averaging. With the fan off during the day, It hovers around 26 - 27 Celsius.

    But I can't say for the same for my Amano Shrimps. Only spot 2 out of 7. I really don't know what happen to them. I don't they my fishes could have eaten them. So they are either hiding someplace where I can't spot them; where I have rustled the plants; poked at the tank ornaments; and no sign of them. So wondering if they could have escaped. My tanks is open concept. Could anybody shed some light on my magic disappearing shrimps?

    Since last Friday and Saturday was Chinese New Year and it was a public holiday; both pet stores were unable to restock their plants, fishes and equipment. So I'll head back to the pet store on Friday to get more plants; and invest in a Co2 system.

    Previously just used to have soil and plastic plants with a lot of tank decorations with the same fishes. I've never had a planted tank before. Its a new experience for me. Even when I get a Co2 system. all my knowledge about rearing fishes and aquarium care is from what I've learnt in the past and research from the internet. Willing to learn even more from other fish tank enthusiast; so that we can have a even better looking fish tank.

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    Allways nice to see a new face. Dont hesitate to contact me or a mod if experince any problems.
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    Welcome to the forums - be sure to post pictures of the tank. You should also pick up a API Master Freshwater Testing kit pronto and start testing your water parameters. The fish may be fine now. But water can get out of control in a hurry especially in a new uncycled tank with to many fish.

    you said it was a two foot tank? you know how many gallons it is, etc? It is looking really overstocked as well without knowing how big it is.
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    Hello and welcome to the forum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenTundra View Post
    Welcome to the forums - be sure to post pictures of the tank. You should also pick up a API Master Freshwater Testing kit pronto and start testing your water parameters. The fish may be fine now. But water can get out of control in a hurry especially in a new uncycled tank with to many fish.

    you said it was a two foot tank? you know how many gallons it is, etc? It is looking really overstocked as well without knowing how big it is.

    Its a 2 ft tank. It's 56.7 Liter tank; which is 15 Gallons. Here are some pictures. Tank is still not complete yet. Plan for more plants and to rearrange the existing plants again. 20140207_031306.jpg20140207_031515.jpg20140207_031526.jpg20140207_031545.jpg20140207_031823.jpg

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    My Ehiem filter

    The fan I have to cool the water to desired temperatures for my fishes.

    A bit off-topic; My Winter Sapphire female Hamster. The male died from fatal injuries sustained from fighting with the female. :'(

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    Welcome! Unfortunately, your tank seems very overstocked. And not proper sized schools for some of the species.
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    Welcome to AC.

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    Welcome to the AC...

    Your seriously overstocked, you have almost four times the amount of fish in your tank, the mollies alone overstock it. With 47+ fish you need around a 90 gallon to keep the fish you already have.
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    Welcome to the forum

    +1 to the above advice on stock as well as testing your water parameters
    If you take your time to do the research FIRST, you can successfully set-up and keep ANY type of aquarium with ease.
    "Not using a quarantine tank is like playing Russian roulette. Nobody wins the game, some people just get to play longer than others." - Anthony Calfo
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