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    Default Brand new to aquariums. Fish not eating. Help!

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    Ok, I am brand new to this world and I am hoping you can help me. We have a 40 gallon freshwater tank. We set it up and allowed it to fully cycle before adding any fish. We use the API master test kit and got zero ammonia, zero nitrite, and a low nitrate (I don't remember the exact number but it was well below the acceptable range). We purchased 6 black line tetras and 1 albino bristle nose pleco. The pleco seems to really be shy right now, so I try to keep the lights off when we are sleeping or not home so she can relax. (I think it is a girl there are no barbs on her nose.) I put in an algae wafer and noticed her eating it the first night however I haven't seen her eating since. I am guessing she probably eats while we are sleeping. My first question with her is how often do I give her a wafer? I don't want to overfeed.

    The next question is regarding the tetras. We bought them the granule type of food. They have not eaten at all since we got them. We tried once yesterday morning and they didn't even act like we put anything in there. It all sank to the bottom. Hubby tried again this morning with just a tiny tiny amount and again, nothing. He said it sank really fast and was concerned they never even had a chance to see it. Tonight, I put in 2 to 3 granules above where they were just to see if they would try to eat. I figured if they acted like they want food, I could add more and if they didn't that was only a tiny bit to mess up my tank floor. They were too busy swimming away from my hand to bother with food. Again, failed attempt to feed. So, will they look for the food on the bottom of the tank? Is it common for them not to eat yet after more than 48 hours in a new tank with good water? Just a little worried about them.

    Thanks for the help and insight!

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    They may still be stressed from the move and all the new activity around their new home. Since it's been two days I suggest checking the parameters again and make sure they are still 0ppm for ammonia and nitrite and low nitrates. Leave the tank lights off for a day and let the fish relax, then try feeding a flake food. Flake food will stay at the top longer and allow them to realize it's there. Your pleco is a nocturnal fish and it's common for them to hide all day.
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    I think my fish is adjusting well to the four gallon, He's laying on his side attempting to go to sleep on the bottom of the gravel.
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    Thanks. I checked the parameters about an hour ago and we are still good to go there. I will try that and see what happens! The hubby and I were just worried they were sick or something. Hopefully it is just stress. They are incredibly active and schooling most of the time but freak if we get anywhere near the tank.

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    I have 8 different schools of tetras in a 55 and they are piggies! Maybe a days worth of stress when homing them. I use flakes, but also these floating micro pellets about the size of a dog flea for a treat. NOTHING ever hits bottom, they wont allow it. I have yet to see any of my tetras peck the bottom for food, they just dont do that.
    The more time you spend the better. I spend ALOT of time sitting with my tanks. They get used to you fast. They are always at the front glass. Sometimes I run my finger down the glass and they are so nosy they follow it all over LOL
    BTW while mine are pigs, I have them so they only respond for food to me tapping my wedding ring on the plastic frame. I only do this at feeding at 10 am and 8pm, but I admit I'm evil. I tap sometimes then watch for a minute before feeding. They go so bonkers you think I never feed them!
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    Pellets that sink probably aren't the best idea. They won't pick it off the floor. Try flakes, and do something to let them know food is coming...I usually flick the lights.

    They may just be skittish still. Fish can live for a while without food if they have to, so don't freak out too much yet. :)

    The pleco...feed at least once a day with wafers unless you see leftovers in the morning.
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    Do you have driftwood in the tank?...plecos tend to do much better if they have DW to cling to, and rummage bits off of...also, fresh veggies at least once a week are a must for plecos...zucchini, cucumber, spinach, etc...

    Good advice above on the tetras, they need a high quality floating flake food
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    Also, if you feed with the tank light on, turn the light on 20-30 minutes before you feed so their eyes can adjust (they don't have eyelids).

    You can also try freeze-dried and/or frozen bloodworms. They are my fishes' favorite food. Thaw the frozen ones in a small bowl of tank water.
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    Good chance the pleco is picking up that sinking food overnight? Obvs take the advice above on good pleci care!

    My tetras are all greedy pigs as well - perhaps ask the place you got them from what type of feed they've been given there? I have about 10 different types of fish food and we alternative every day - that way there's something for everyone. They always look healthy :)
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    Ok, so I tried to go by the place I bought them but they were closed. Instead I went to Petco and bought them Omega One flakes. They didn't go for it immediately, but they did eat after I walked away and watched from a distance. I will try the tips you all mentioned about letting them know food is coming to see if that helps. I read the ingredients and the main ingredients are all fish, not fish meal. Is that the what I need to be looking for?

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    The new flakes are doing great. They are happy to eat now. Thanks ya'll.

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