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Thread: RCS in 10 gal

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    Question RCS in 10 gal

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    ok so since I can't get another tank I want to get a shrimp that will breed rapidly so the fish can't eat them all so I came across the RCS and was wondering if I could breed them in my 10 gal here's my stock 1 3" upside down cat 1 female crawfish 1 old male betta 2 otocinclus 2 zebra danios 3 semi adult mosquitofish and 2 mosquitofish fry if I get the shrimp I would put some pregnant ones in a top fin 3 way breeder box with a air stone, gravel, anacharis, marimo moss ball, and maybe some java moss so would this work?

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    It may work and it may not. Putting small shrimp such as rcs in a tank with fish is always going to be a risk and there's no concrete answer to whether it will work for you. I know people who have put shrimp into tanks/ introduced fish and that has resulted in a complete wipe out of the shrimp. At the same time I know people (me included) who have put shrimp into tanks with fish such as bettas, neons, rasboras and the shrimp have been fine and even managed to breed. But it must be noted that even if the shrimp do not become food, due to the presence of fish, they may not breed or be as active as if they were in a tank on their own.

    There is a few things you can do to help improve your chances:

    1- Provide as many hiding places as possible for the shrimp. This is especially important for when shrimp moult as this is when they are at their most vulnerable.

    2- Dense vegetation such as mossess not only provide protection but also food, the more moss you have the better

    3- It's guaranteed that if the shrimp do breed, some if not most of the shrimplets will be eaten. They already have to face being eaten by fish so cover any filter intakes to prevent them being sucked in. This will be one less thing to worry about.

    4- Your probably going to have better shrimp survival rate if most/all of your fish stock is upper/mid tank dwellers. Shrimp will almost exclusively stay at substrate level so the less stock sharing this space with them the better.

    5- Make sure you constantly monitor for any predatory behaviour upon the shrimps and if possible have a back up tank to re-home them as soon as possible if predatory behaviour occurs. It's not fair on them if they are probably going to get eaten.

    It is definitely a risk but can be done. I would just like to reiterate the last point, please make sure you have a re-home option as placing them in the tank is a risk in the first place. If it works then great but if not it is only fair that they can be removed as soon as possible instead of waiting to become food.
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    ok I am going to put all the pregnant shrimp in the breeder box and let the shrimplets grow up in the breeder box I will also put all the shrimp in there when I first get them and keep the small ones in there until they get bigger.(I can't get another tank but can upgrade)

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    If the fish try and get at the shrimp whilst they are in the breeder box it may be best not to put them in.
    • 50 Gallon Black Water Asian Project: 15 x Sparkling Gourami, 16 x Kuhli Loaches and 45 Chili Rasbora

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    ok if I get them I will probably get some moss and was wondering what grows faster and is better for the RCS Christmas or java moss?

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    Java moss. Christmas moss is slow growing and requires high lighting to flourish and if grown in low light it resembles java moss.
    • 50 Gallon Black Water Asian Project: 15 x Sparkling Gourami, 16 x Kuhli Loaches and 45 Chili Rasbora

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    ok what about willow moss?

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    Willow moss would definitely be an option.

    Here's a link to some other mosses that you might like:
    • 50 Gallon Black Water Asian Project: 15 x Sparkling Gourami, 16 x Kuhli Loaches and 45 Chili Rasbora

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    wow thanks for the link I think I will get java and willow moss if I can find them at my LFS.

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    what is the best place to get java moss?

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