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    Default Betta on his last legs...

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    Hey guys,

    Hope someone can help me out here.

    I've had my betta splendens for about 1.5yrs (probably got him in July 2012). Aside from his chronic fin rot problems, he's been pretty happy and healthy. The only times he's had fin rot is when I've made changes. When I add plants or when I moved him from a 10gal to a 20L, etc. It seems change stresses him out and causes health issues. Anyway... his tank has been relatively the same for some time now (and the params have been stable for the time I've had him), but he's come down with some issues.

    Over the last week or two, he's been really sluggish/lethargic. He sits on the substrate, by propping up his fins to keep himself upright, though he often turns on his side to find a comfortable spot. I've also noticed some fin damage (ala fin rot like usual). At first glance, this is fairly typical behavior of him being sick. When he gets fin rot, he becomes lethargic. However, the usual remedies have not helped. Fungus Guard has worked in the past, usually after only one dosing. Two dosings of the stuff (per instructions) has not helped. Also, catappa leaves have had little effect, which usually perks him up a bit.

    In addition to this, I've noticed that in order to feed, he stares almost straight up at the surface of the water, while sitting on the substrate. He'll go after food, but I feel like it takes a lot out of him. After observing his swimming habits, I noticed that he has a swelling on one of his sides, too...

    I'm at a loss... I have no idea what to do for the poor guy. The other fish/shrimp/snails are doing quite fine in the tank. I have 8 Otos that are healthy and doing well. I would assume they'd be feeling the effects of anything bad in the tank, first, rather than a Betta... especially water params, since they're anabatoids.

    Anyway, does anyone have any ideas/thoughts you could throw my way?
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    His behavior sounds a lot like the last week of a honey gourami I had that recently passed. I'd give the betta a few more days in the off chance that it will go away, but if it gets worse or doesn't improve, I'd euthanize it.

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    Ahh man, that stinks. =/ You think it's old age?
    Adventures in Aquaria - The KevinVA Story

    When in doubt, ask yourself... W.W.L.S (What would Lee Say)?

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    small anabantids aren't known for longevity, and certainly not with the way bettas are treated in their early life. I think it certainly is a possibility that your betta has reached its limits.

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    Thanks madagascar, I appreciate it. I was hoping it wasn't something I did and you're right about how they're actually treated prior to reaching a home. Makes sense - I just feel bad for the guy. Sad to see him like that.
    Adventures in Aquaria - The KevinVA Story

    When in doubt, ask yourself... W.W.L.S (What would Lee Say)?

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    You gave the betta a wonderful home for 1-1/2 years...that's a lot more than many others fate. Still sucks though, I feel for you...

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    Agreed...1.5 years is about as much as you can expect out of a commercial betta. Im sure it was a well treated fish and his present state is simply old age...let nature take its course and consider rescuing another poor soul in the future.
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    Thank you both, I appreciate the kind words. I feel bad, but I'm pleased to hear that there's a general consensus of what's happening and I'm happy to have provided a good home to the little guy. I'll just monitor him and when it's his time, it'll be his time. I don't think I'll rush it along, as he's still trying to live and still comes to eat. If he wasn't eating, I think I'd probably put him down, but he's still got an appetite. =/

    When he does pass, I'm actually thinking of stocking the 20L with a couple schools of small tetras (like Green Neons) and Rasbora Dwarf Emerald to go along with the 8 Otos I have. Hopefully get some more activity in there with low bioload fish. Think I'll rescape, though, and attempt to get all the dumb snails out. ;/
    Adventures in Aquaria - The KevinVA Story

    When in doubt, ask yourself... W.W.L.S (What would Lee Say)?

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    you mean 20 Gallon? 20 liters would be kind of small...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenTundra View Post
    you mean 20 Gallon? 20 liters would be kind of small...
    20gal Long.
    Adventures in Aquaria - The KevinVA Story

    When in doubt, ask yourself... W.W.L.S (What would Lee Say)?

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