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    I would do a lake nicaragua biotope. You could have a P dovii, a couple P manageunse, and several Midas and red devils in there. It would be great!

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    still looking at my original idea of fish. Had a look at what i can get and so far i can get Oscars, Green Terrors, Firemouths, Texas Cichlids, Jack Dempseys, Severums and Blood Red Parrots (and the silver dollars that i already have). What im thinking is a combination of all of these, so maybe 3 of each of them (females where possible), 10 silver dollars and 6 BR Parrots (although im worried these might not stand up to the others, advice please?)

    In terms of plants i can get Ludwigia, MICROSORIUM PTEROPUS (JAVA FERN), various Anubias, Valisneria Gigantea and Valisneria Spiralis, Echinodorus osiris. I can also get large pieces of driftwood and some driftwood with plants already growing on them. From reading up on plants, these all seem to be popular choices due to hardyness and looks. What do people think?

    Also due to most of these cichlids having slightly lower pH needs, is it reccomended that i use something to lower the ph? or should they be ok in normal freshwater. My tap water is generally between 7.2-7.6.

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    Having lots of driftwood should also naturally lower the pH of the water possibly depending on how much of it you put in to the tank and the buffering capacity of the water. It can also soften it a bit.
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    Amazingly large tank.. :) wow..!

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    Not an expert on them but pretty sure Central American cichlids like yours don't mind alkaline waters. A pH of a bit over seven seems ideal.
    You must keep in mind that plants with large cichlids is a combo that has a high chance of resulting in shredded and uprooted flora.
    I might try planting the plants and let them establish and root themselves for a few weeks prior to adding cichlids.

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    nice tank!! are you set on cichlids? ever look into stingrays and/or arowanas? hehe, my fav fish. I'm sure it will be spectacular whatever you decide to put in there.
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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    I like that you are looking into what you can get sourced to you. When it comes to that large a tank im surprised you didnt go with large tang sichlids like the Trout cichlid or frotosa's.

    In the s/a groups - I think you would do fine as wine with one of each: firemouth, oscar, sev, large pleco, red devil or midas cichlid

    I really like the idea though of creating a super peaceful experience like earlier and going with any of the earth eater groups in a school and adding in sevrums and a jack dempsy or electric blue jack dempsy.

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