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    Dec 2013

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    Default Do I need to purchase more female guppies to supplement by weak population.

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    I have three guppies living in a 20 gallon aquarium. One male was born on 9/11 (ironic right) two years ago and he is my oldest guppy. The other two, a male and female, are from the same litter and are maybe three months old. I have had this population going in the community aquarium for about three years now since I bought 2 males and 3 females in August of 2012.

    Disease has ravaged the population and it sunk from its height of 6 females and 3 males to these three. One the old f1 male, and the two f3 twins remain (f2 was ravaged and f3 is all that remains of my beautiful females). The seem to have "birthing sickness" where the females acted well until they dropped their fry then killed over in a matter of days. The juveniles always did well and the two males dropped spontaneously (the third male go a spontaneous invert rectum and died while on permanent antifungul treatment.) I think I have treated by bombing them with three and bacterial medicines (none of my books gave answers to their symtoms), but I am on thin ice with only one female alive. I need her to at least drop her fry before she dies so I can replenish the population (I am sad to have to think of this, but my guppies are FRAIL). The life expectancy has been about six months in my aquarium while I still have all of my other fish I originally bought. No one else gets sick. I am thinking of buying another female to supplement the population, but if I do, I want to buy a feeder.

    They tend to be tough and can endure more punishment, so I think I can sacrifice some color for endurance in f4. Looking pretty may be desireable, but I would rather have a dullish guppy live one to two years than a colorful fish live four to six months. I would nuke the tank with the medicine that cured them, but that MESSED UP my plants. I only lost one thank goodness, but I do not want anymore brushes with death if I can avoid it. I will just periodically re-medicate them and as needed until it is back online.

    What should I do?
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    Were they from particularly weak stock to start with?

    My first attempt at guppies did not go well, and it was only when I changed LFS that I realised it wasn't my fault. First LFS clearly had weak, inbred fish and they just never thrived. Like yours, survival was low and they got sick real easy. Changed LSF and like magic, healthier guppies.
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    I am going to look for more healthy guppies. I just lost the young male. I only have one male and one female left now *sweat*. I NEED to buy at least one new female to increase genetic diversity of my stock. The fish are inbred I believe, especially because the female I have is the daughter of the old male and I do not think things will go any better unless I increase genetic diversity.

    When I got the f1's the disease was able to kill all of the p generation, but they remained undetered. Maybe that have become too inbred since then. I will buy from two different store. I will get a feeder female from my usual store and a fancy female from another store.

    Any other tips. I am on THIN ICE now with my guppies.

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    Jackson, MI

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    Increasing genetic diversity usually does wonders for resilience. Also, don't underestimate the power of being chased to exhaustion...a male guppy will harass a female, even pregnant females, to death, so I do suggest having more females.

    Have you fixed the problems with your tank? Parameters are good, no more sickness? Have you run carbon to get out the remaining medicine? Too many meds can hurt fish too.
    20 gallon with a male betta, neons, glowlights, and red cherry shrimp. (work in progess) Recently added a few LIVE plants and driftwood, Woooohoooo!

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