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    I think that would still be more valuable for youtube than it ever would be for AC. I think a youtube channel with short teaser versions of the videos might be great but by hosting the entire video on youtube we would still have the problem that very few people would ever click through to AC.
    Do as I say. Not as I do.

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    Either that or put a few full length videos on basic care - but say something like come to the AC to see the next episode

    What sort of format could the videos be done on the forum. Only thing I can picture is the youtube videos that steeler posts, but want to see how it could work

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    It could work very similar to youtube, just on AC. If we in the future had more videos there could also be a stream of scheduled programming ;-)
    Do as I say. Not as I do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triton View Post
    Question... What about making a aquaticcommunity YouTube channel? So when someone searches a video on YouTube, finds one they can see it's from us and come check out the site.

    Dustin's fish tanks and DIY aquarium are both good examples of this.

    But need to do it once a week, make it consistent.

    How can it be controlled? Videos submitted to a mod (like photos are for comps), mod reviews the video, inserts the AC logo page at the beginning and then a "come check out aquatic community forum" page at the end
    I never go to Dustin's or DIY aquarium's websites, but I watch their videos. That's the conundrum with hosting everything on Youtube.
    Adventures in Aquaria - The KevinVA Story

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    Glad to see this made a bit of a ripple.

    obviously this sort of thing would require a bit of effort from atleast half a dozen of us - I'll sign myself up.

    I was sort of steering away from using youtube. I find if I'm watching youtube videos I'll stay on youtube, I dont often click links to forums or to other websites and things, I usually watch a video, if it doesnt answer my question I'll watch another. For example, I have watched probably a hundred of dustins fishtank videos, and only gone to his website once or twice, I'm assuming a lot of people will just stay on youtube and what we really want is more web traffic to AC.

    I wasnt really saying we should have conference calls, Kev. I agree it would be kind of lame if we turned into something like tinychat. I dont think having videos will take away from the forum too much.

    Sure, I could be making my own tutorials, and I'm quite keen to, I just thought I would share the idea and try get some more people involved, for everyones benefit. I know I dont have all the answers, but between all of us we probably have a whole wealth of knowledge.

    This could probably work on youtube just aswell, might even pay off to post videos both on AC and on youtube.

    Triton is on point, we do need some sort of schedule and get atleast a video out weekly. I think it would be best if we sort of allocate certain days to people, for example I could have a video ready each fortnight, uploaded on say a friday or soemthing, then cliff on sunday, triton tuesdays, mom's mondays etc. etc.

    Obviously the more we spread the work load the easier it will be for everyone, wouldnt be too hard to organize a roster, try to have the videos completed a week in advance incase theres any issues.

    I'm actually doing a film production course, I have editing gear and I'll have access to good quality cameras through uni.

    Thinking about the youtube thing a little more, It could be best to start out on youtube until we get ourselves organised, then move to AC, then we will have our first dozen youtube videos basically as advertising for ACTV, and every month or so add a new one to youtube to try get the traffic to come back to here, could easily be done I think by simply saying at the end of the video that most of our videos are hosted at AC will get people to click over if the videos are good enough.

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    my thought would be to make sure we stock up on videos. Have a good reserve and then assign one personal to post a weekly video (or whatever schedule we want)

    Having watched a few things it is all about a schedule to get people to follow and to develop a routine of watching your videos.

    I would def want to submit some. I hate talking on video, but I'd get over it

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    lol, philthy, I was being somewhat tongue-in-cheek, though I do see a trend in going all video all the time.
    Adventures in Aquaria - The KevinVA Story

    When in doubt, ask yourself... W.W.L.S (What would Lee Say)?

    Have a fish problem? Fill out and post this completed questionnaire in the General Aquarium Forum, when you start a new thread.

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    philthy... he does that a lot ;)

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    Hey Triton, I have a gentleman at my church who I work with doing power points with who has software for video editing and voice overs( he is a voice artist) if we had a script we can add a VO to any video. I'm not much of a talker but this is an interesting way to add "personality" to any tutorial.
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    LMAO... sorry just made me picture hiring morgan freeman to do our VO = instant success

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