I figured I'd make a separate thread on this topic. Yesterday my 2.5" rubber lip died of this white slimy crap on the side of his body. When I first started with plecos I lost the first one (the rubber lip was my second) he had the same cloudy white slime on his body.

I'm starting to think I should quit it with plecos since the only two I've owned died already. There's got to be some way to treat this, right? Does API make some sort of treatment for this... this... stuff? I don't even know what it is yet, but it's killed my only two plecos in a matter of days.

Both of my previously-owned plecos were purchased from petsmart. Maybe that's what's the cause? The thing is, he didn't have the cloudy slime patch until Friday. How can this kill so quickly? How?!

I read somewhere that you can treat it with some kind of copper-based compound, commonly found in treatments for it. However I don't know what the thing is. Is it fungus? A bacteria? Virus? What?