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    You assume correctly. Schooling is a defensive strategy, a safety in numbers sort of thing.
    Your fish color up so well and so quickly because you put them in the proper parameters, or close to it. People think fish adapt to other parameters, and I guess they will to a point, but they never look as awe inspiring as they do when put in proper conditions.
    When I go fishing I just throw sharp rocks in the water and wait for the dead fish to float to the top... Kingfisher
    Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that reason is you are stupid and make bad decisions.

    I think my fish is adjusting well to the four gallon, He's laying on his side attempting to go to sleep on the bottom of the gravel.
    A moderator on a fish forum should be able to identify an oscar... Don't you think?
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    Its good to know that I've done right for the fish.
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    I have noticed some aggression from the threadfins to the harlequins which I didn't expect to see. No harm is caused, the agression is just a display by the threadfins and an extremely sort chase. This has only happened in one v one situations, not group on group.
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    After doing more research, I believe that all the threadfins I have are males which may explain the aggression. My lfs told me they were expecting a new order of threadfins on Tuesday so I shall be going back and hopefully pick out two females to add to the tank.
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    It is also quite nice watching the harlequins display to each other. It is very different to how the threadfins do it. The harlequins circle each other before swimming side by side then kind of wave their bodies to each other. They then proceed to ram into each others side. After which they peacefully go their seperate ways.
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    Mrs Ram saying hi to her shrimp neighbours and hopefully checking out the coconut cave as a potential spawn location

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    Nice tank. love the combo of stock you've used. Your rams are a pretty pair.
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    Thank you :). I have been very surprised on how active the stock has been, especially with interactions between the different species.
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    Well Mr Ram clearly hasn't got the hang of flirting with the female. Every time he tries, he has a long strip of poo coming out and Mrs Ram does not seem impressed by it at all!
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    lol nice commentary. they will probably get used to each other at some point.
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