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  1. Default Aiden's German Blue Ram Community

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    Hi everyone. Since this tank is my first proper attempt at tropical fish (All of my experience is with ornamental shrimp) I thought it would be best to document it and hopefully get some advice and tips along the journey.

    The Tank

    The tank is a 15 gallon, 24 inch L x 12 inch D x 13 inch H

    The substrate is Shirakura Red Bee Sand: This is an active substrate which keeps the water chemistry stable and at exact parameters


    Hagen Marina Slim s15: replaced the filter pads that come with it with 500g fluval biomax ceramic rings and pieces of sponge

    Jad air driven sponge filter


    Various easy to keep plants e.g java moss, riccia, moss balls
    Coconut Cave
    Terracotta Tubes
    Indian Almond leaves

    Water Chemistry

    The water parameters are usually at these measurements:

    Water Change Regime
    I like to do two 10% water changes per a week with R/O water which I remineralise and bring to temperature to match the tank parameters

    Feeding Regime
    The main staple is a good quality flake food. I then supplement with bloodworm, tubiflex and crushed algae waffer

    Tank Inhabitants
    A pair of German Blue Rams
    10 Harlequin Rasbora
    4 (adding 2 more) Threadfin Rainbowfish
    8 CBS/CRS

    Aim/ Goal

    My main goal is to have the rams breed. I would also like to have the harlequins and rainbowfish breed too.




    Mr Ram and a Shrimp


    Mrs Ram


    Some of the Harlequin


    One of the Threadfins

    Last edited by Aiden123; 02-02-2014 at 03:39 PM.
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  2. Default

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    Very nice looking tank and healthy GBR, Harleys and threadfins Aiden.

  3. Default

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    Thank you. Like i said my hobby experience is from ornamental shrimp but I'm completely new to fish. So i'm relatively confident it maintaining stable water parameters but everything else will likely be new to me :D
    • 50 Gallon Black Water Asian Project: 15 x Sparkling Gourami, 16 x Kuhli Loaches and 45 Chili Rasbora

  4. Default

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    Is there a way to tell if a male and female ram have bonded before they spawn for the first time?
    • 50 Gallon Black Water Asian Project: 15 x Sparkling Gourami, 16 x Kuhli Loaches and 45 Chili Rasbora

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    That is an awesome tank and some vibrant fish.
    I really wonder though whether the rams affect the shrimp population?

  6. Default

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    Hopefully they won't. All the shrimp are fully grown at 1inch + and they don't act nervous around the rams. I was worried that during moults whether there would be problems then but so far I have seen two moults and the rams still are not interested. There is a lot of hiding places for the shrimp so fingers crossed there is no issue.
    • 50 Gallon Black Water Asian Project: 15 x Sparkling Gourami, 16 x Kuhli Loaches and 45 Chili Rasbora

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    Very nice. Harlies are a species that really show off their colors when kept in proper parameters, nice job. There isn't a 100% guarantee before a spawn but, if they are hanging out closely together and doing a bit of light sparring it's probable.
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    I think my fish is adjusting well to the four gallon, He's laying on his side attempting to go to sleep on the bottom of the gravel.
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  8. Default

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    Thanks, I wasn't too keen on them in the shop as they were quite pale but after a quick search on my phone I seen pictures of what they normally look like. As soon as they were in my tank they quickly coloured up and I am very happy I chose them. They are very bold but subtle enough not to distract too much attention away from the rams.

    It was the same with the threadfins, at first they appeared to be quite a boring silver colour but again when they got in my tank they truely coloured up. Pictures do not do it justice, they throw out orange, blue, purple and green flashes of colour, especially when displaying to each other.

    The rams swim and graze together a lot. Not seen any light sparring but fingers crossed they bond.
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    Your tank looks realy nice and you have a good blend of fish, you can never go wrong when it comes to Harlequins
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  10. Default

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    They are truely a beautiful fish. I was expecting them to school a lot more though, they are often in little group of 2 or 3, and even swim on their own. Would this be because they feel safe and happy? as I assume schooling is a defence strategy?
    • 50 Gallon Black Water Asian Project: 15 x Sparkling Gourami, 16 x Kuhli Loaches and 45 Chili Rasbora

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