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    Talking finally a shrimp tank!

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    YEAH!ok so my mom will finally let me get another tank but it's going to be a small or medium size pet keeper from petco and I'm going to breed ghost shrimp to feed my crawfish oh and i want to put in some local plants or some low light plants and i want to also have some type of filter i have a air pump so it has to work off that any diy sponge filter ideas preferably under $8 bucks? plant ideas? tank mates snails or something maybe? I'm free to ideas and suggestion.

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    I'd research breeding ghost shrimp first. As far as I understand, most types of ghost shrimp require brackish water to complete their life cycle, and it's much, much more complicated than just adding a bit of table salt to the water.
    If you are really set on feeding your cray with live foods, maybe go find a pond with some scuds (gammarus) in it? Those guys will breed fast and in fresh water.

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    I have breed them before in freshwater the reason people say they need brasckish is they need microscopic food that is only in naturally in brackish tank.

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    Oh, that is something new to me. Well, if you already have the procedure down, the congratulations and good luck on the new tank!

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    how many gallons is this new tank you are getting? 5? 10? etc

    that would determine the kind of filter you can rummage together.
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    it's 1.75 gallons it's this the medium size it has a hole for airline tubing

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    ok so never mind my mom changed her mind when we were at petco so no shrimp tank but she said I could up grade my tank. at petco I got some aponogeton, onion plant, and water lily bulbs and I'm doing a incubating period thing I saw online it's were you put them in a unsealed zip lock bag with a wet paper towel so you can tell which ones are duds so you don't ruin your tank water.

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    cool good luck and let us know how you make out.
    ask ?'s and change some water pair of JD's and loving it.

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    the incubation only really works with aponogetons, as far as I've heard. just a visual inspection of the bulbs should be
    enough to distinguish the living from the dead.

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    ok so how do you tell if there dead or not? the other bulbs are onion plant/crinum thaianum, and water lily/ nymphaea sp. what do I do with these they are in there with the aponogeton/aponogeton ulvaceus.

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