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    Quote Originally Posted by DeboraBremner View Post
    He's going to be a "looker"... Nice pic!
    Haha, times 40 of them! My LFS asked me to grow them to 6cm before I take them in, since he really wants bigger ones instead of the 2cm fry that usually arrive.

    Can anyone tell me if this is what the fry will usually look like or if these are a bit different? I'm expecting them to be a bit different considering the different parents.
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    Sure looks like some interesting markings on your little ones!

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    I have the same pairing - albino male, brown female. Mine look much the same but they have a white edging to their fins. Here's two blurry shots.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Those look awesome! Do you have any fully grown with that colouration?
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    Great looking plecos and babies (both of you)! Congrats on the fry. =]
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    that one rock you had in there allowed them to blend in almost perfectly. had a hard time spotting it without my glasses on
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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenTundra View Post
    that one rock you had in there allowed them to blend in almost perfectly. had a hard time spotting it without my glasses on

    I panicked recently when I couldn't find a whole lot of them. All underneath that rock in the end.
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    Yeah, after my first spawn I had counted about 15. When I was taking the first batch to the LFS, I caught 12 and quit, figuring
    I'd get the other few another time. I found at least another 6-8 that I had not counted, wondering where they had come from!

    Their 2nd spawn, the male kicked the eggs out of the cave (he was startled, I think) and I purposely didn't try to save them as
    the first spawn was only about a month old. The third spawn followed shortly and it's been about two months now. No additional
    spawns since then.

    None are mature yet. I sold most of two spawns to my LFS but there's a few left in the original spawning tank which is only 10 gal (I know, I know).
    And I moved a couple to another 20 gal that has a lot of plants. So now they're harder to find and photograph. When I tear down a 26 gal
    I have and set up the 40B I bought, I'll be moving the adults to that one and hope to catch the other little guys for the LFS.
    Last edited by SueD; 02-05-2014 at 05:24 PM.

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    They all seem to be growing well:-)

    Added Hornwort to the tank to suck up any nitrates I don't get rid of with water changes.

    My journal....Swimming in South Africa:

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