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  1. Default Can You ID these Catfish? (Warning HUGE Pics)

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    I bought these at Meijer. They were sold as Sterbas corys. I don't think they are Sterbas corys. Can anyone ID them?






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    Default Can You ID these Catfish? (Warning HUGE Pics)

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    Type of synodonis... Not sure exactly which.

    Edit : could be a feathfin syno

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    Oh, as far as size. That is the lid to my API test kit they are in (for the minute it took to get pics of them). So about 1.5 inches long. There is a third, the same as the darker of the two, that is twice the size (about 3 inches long).

    I thought they were all the same color (and size) when I put them in the tank, but now one looks lighter. But see, the spots are more like rings and I can't find any pic close to the coloration that says it is a Cory. King Tiger Plecos have similar coloration, but the shape is wrong. I have looked on planet catfish.

    They really don't like light, almost never come out of their hideyhole. If they do come out, and see me, they disappear back into the dark. I have been leaving bottom feeder sinking food as close to their hideout as I can. Sometimes I walk by and one is out eating it. Mostly I can just see the tips of their tails wag as they scavenge in their home.

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    99% sure it's a "upside down catfish". Look up feather fin synodonis. Look just like them. As for the different color (light vs dark) that could just be stress

    My thought is they are just young

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    I think triton is right - here is another pic of an upside down catfish looks fairly close - (linking for copyright)
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  6. Default

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    Huh, I was looking in the cory pages. Could possibly be Synodontis Comoensis juvenile? Rare, but the bigger of the three has turned half black. It's part of the reason I am trying to figure out what they are.

  7. Default

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    The pictures are bad on my end, but they aren't spotted on the front half, the dark rings are all across the body. And the one that is bigger is getting darker, the front half of her is almost black. (I am just calling it a her)

    This is the link to the Synodontis Comoensis.

    The link to Synodontis Eupterus (featherfin).

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    That's not to say, the two in the pics might be 2 different types of fish. Also, probably more accurate to let them grow up before trying to nail down exactly which ones they are. But at least I will stop calling them Corys, because I agree, they look more like the Synodontis. so in a month or two, if they start showing spots, I'll know what they are. (I feel like I am Cruella Deville.... Spots! Spots! They're supposed to have Spots! lol)

    OH! And Now I know they are going to get much bigger. :)
    Last edited by kit000003; 02-01-2014 at 05:47 AM.

  9. Default

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    I went and looked at upside down catfish at the LFS. The ones that were the same size as mine looked nothing like my fish.

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    One thing is certain...those aren't Sterbai
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