The usual weekly cleaning seems to have brought things down in the main tank. They're not down to 0 yet, but they're no longer in the danger zone on my strips. The bump on Tennys head is bigger though... He seems to be doing okay aside from that, he chased off one of my more aggressive fish so that he could eat (it's normal, one of my mollys is a bully to all the others and they have to chase him away to eat). I'm hoping that with time and several large-ish changes a week the tank will get back to normal. Even though there are no fish in my 15 gallon it too seems to be cycling (I checked it out of curiosity and the nitrites and nitrates were present... which they have never been before.) My QT does't seem to have any problems at all, despite having 3 fish and no filter (it's a 5.5 gallon, I can just do a 50%-90% change every day depending on stock so I never bothered getting a filter for it.) Fingers crossed that just doing cleanings regularly and riding this out keeps the rest of my water babies alive.