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  1. Question Strange spawning patterns

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    I have Corydora catfish in my 35g tank. Around 12.
    Since I live in Canada it's become quite cold, and unfortunately my heater at times, cannot keep up with how chilly it can get at night in my room.
    My Cory's have been spawning a lot and laying eggs. Not constantly but consistent enough through out the passed 2 months for me to wonder why.
    Why now? From what I have read (and please someone correct me) Cory's don't spawn and lay eggs until June-Aug/Early Sept?? I have also read that when the temperature in your tank drops not below, but just almost, Cory's think it's raining, and that makes them spawn. (Remember I only read this, lol.)

    A little about my tank:
    I have one male and one female adult that have been there from the start. They made around 10 babies together and I bought two outsiders. The catfish who aren't "in-the-family" I am not sure, but I think one is female, and one is male. As for the little guys, (who aren't so little anymore) I haven't examined them quite enough as I probably should be.

    To be honest this all might be normal, but I trust most of you know what these fishies patterns are more than I. It's coming up 2 years that I have had them, but they have only successfully breeded once.

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    Hi there. For starters, what wattage heater are you running?

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    He he. I meant my room's heater, not my tanks heater. My tank doesn't run on a heater, yet at least. Never has. I used to have a goldfish and the catfish adapted to anything below 75. It usually is around 74 78 in my tank durring the day, but at night it can drop down to 72.

    I have always been a bit nervous about heaters in the tank. :s

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    Uh cories cannot thrive, especially not breed in 72. That is way way too cold. The tank temperature should also not fluctuate. You should get a heater for your tank immediately. Cories are not cold water fish.

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    +1 to Jeff's advice, you need a heater, pronto....not sure what wattage is appropriate for a 35g...but be sure to read the directions, you'll want to immerse the heater a half hour or so before turning it on
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    As I said, the two adults (bronze coreys) have been alive for two years, no issues. They were used to living with a goldfish. All of the babies in the tank have grown to almost about the same size as the adults and have been alive since June of 2013. I'm pretty sure they're fine, and are healthy since they keep spawning and none have died. I Woke up this morning and there's around 100+ eggs on my plants and glass. The last time they did that was shorter than a month ago. It normally doesn't fluctuate that drastically, but I have noticed from time to time the temp is at 72 but only at night.

    My original question was do they spawn all year around, or is there a specific time of the season.
    Is their random spawning because of the temp in the tank.
    If I add a heater, and they are used to their regular temp would it not cause issues for them??

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    According to this, bronze corys do best at about 24C (75.2F)....
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    29 Gallon: ... Journal

    “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went” - Will Rogers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slaphppy7 View Post
    According to this, bronze corys do best at about 24C (75.2F)....
    That's normally what my tank is at. :) Little higher during the day.
    I'm still stuck on the fact if they are breeding because another female is now ready, or what! >,<

    Thanks for the link! I'm gonna read it.

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    You still do not want the tank's temperature to fluctuate, especially a change of 6 degrees in a few hours time.

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    + 1 to the above advice. A heater is not only used to heat a tank, but in tanks where the temp fluctuates, also to keep the temp stable.
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