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  1. Question Change of plans- need compatability help

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    So i was preparing my 30g tank to accept a GBR and now i realise after much searching and researching that is not possible in my tank.

    I am now looking into compatible fish species for a 30g slightly acidic tank- I am successfully keeping Pygmy Rainbowfish and Ottocats in the tank but my Cardinal Tetra population is dwindling due to parasites that seem unresponsive to treatment. Only the Cardinal Tetras have acquired the disease. So my tank is looking quite bare.

    I have 5 lovely and healthy Pygmy Rainbowfish
    6 lovely and healthy Ottocats
    2 healthy thus far Panda Cories
    4 cardinal tetras who seem fine
    1 4" cory catfish

    I'm trying to plan what fish to put with them but swordtails, mollies, platties and the usual lot just don't do anything for me. I think tetras might be too aggressive-

    Are there any lesser known fish and/or colourful fish that are peaceful community fish that would work with my gang?

    oh, the tank is well planted with an open area to swim in, it's at around 77-79 degrees depending on how cold the days are here, lol. Substrate is sand.

    All the levels are great, tank slightly acidic and the fish i have like that-

    Any help at all would be nice, and much appreciated.

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    Your tank sounds quite nice. There is room at the top to middle so why not some Harlequin Rasboras. Peaceful, schooling fish that will get along with what you already have.
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    Harlequin Rasboras are very lovely indeed.

    Thank you regarding my tank- i try to keep it as calm and relaxing as possible.

    How many Rasboras do you think should be together?

    oh, and i'm happy to report that my number of Ottocats is 7, not 6- one was hiding. :)
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    Ever thought about adding to your cory cat population? They really perk up with a school.

    Most tetras are actually not very aggressive when kept in proper schools. But cherry barbs are also peaceful, though I don't know about acidic tolerance.

    Any school of fish is recommended to be about 5-6 or more.
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    I agree about the cory's they should be your priority before adding another species. Do you know the specific sort that 4 inch cory is? A social fish that large is really not well suited for a 29g tank. Are you sure it's a cory and not a pleco of some sort (ancistrus, panaque, hypancistrus for examples)?
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    I think my fish is adjusting well to the four gallon, He's laying on his side attempting to go to sleep on the bottom of the gravel.
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    Hi there

    My larger cory catfish i believe is about 3 and a half inches and he is very healthy. I feed my bottom feeders and otto cats blanched vegetables as well as algea tablets and bottom feeder pellets. He is the biggest fish in my tank and i am certain he is not a pleco, unless some plecos look like cory cats and have the same look around their mouths as them- I have seen pictures of some cory cats that are similar in size to mine.

    Just because i'd like to know, why is a 29g with sand substrate and lots of good hiding spots not good for my large cory cat? He's very active at night and sleeps in his boat (he has the boat as territory) during the day, coming out to greet me if i'm there-

    I have found that panda cories don't do well in my tank. Could i keep albino cory cats in my tank? And how many would be a good number?

    Also, could it be that my large cory cat is killing the little ones? I've never seen aggression from him but something kills the small cories, and i'm wracking my brains about it- it's not water quality or nutrition (to my knowledge).

    I have no problem boosting my cory cat population first, and do i need to find a new home for my large cory? if so, what is it that is optimum for his happiness?

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    just an add on

    I looked up cory catfish and it seems he is some type of striped corydora, his body colour is a red-gold with darker areas on each side.
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    Can you get us a picture of your "large cory cat"?
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    It would be easier to find a picture online-
    I've tried to photograph him before- he darts around and is gone so fast.
    My best shot at taking his picture would be this evening at feeding time.

    Which would you like me to do?
    Or, of course i could do both-
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    Quote Originally Posted by Misse View Post
    I have found that panda cories don't do well in my tank. Could i keep albino cory cats in my tank? And how many would be a good number?
    To answer your query about albinos.... albino is just a genetic color alteration, not a specific species. Many different species (and even other lifeforms) can be albinos.

    If your tank is suited to the same species type that is non-albino, then it is suited to an albino version. If it is not suitable for the same species non-albino, then not suited to albino either. You could even do a mixed shoal of some albinos and some non-albinos and they could potentially mate since they are all the same type, just different colors.

    So to answer your question... what species of cory are you considering?

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