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    Jun 2013
    Ontario, Canada

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    Default New (to me) 20 Gallon!

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    My name is Sarah, and I have MTS. Sorry for my long absence here folks, who would have thought that having twin babies would be so time consuming? Ok so I figured it'd be the case but alas, my love of fish is still running rampant! My 10 gallon is still going strong and I'm loving it, but there will be changes ahead as I couldn't turn down an amazing kijiji offer for a 20 gallon. It came with a wooden stand, a Rena 30 smartfilter hob, a coral life UV sterilizer, a Python water change system, a timer, an automatic feeder, heater, and a TON of things I hope to never need (Ick cure, parasite cure, PH balance stuff...etc). I actually feel bad for the guy that I got it from because he was obviously completely ripped off and misinformed by the pet store he shopped at and spent a ridiculous amount of money...then turned and sold it ALL to me for.....get this....$50!!!!!! I couldn't NOT get the set up!

    I do have a few questions that I hope I can get answered though so here it goes:

    1. I've cleaned the tank itself with vinegar/water solution and rinsed well, but how can I clean the filter? Particularly the inside of it. Assuming this guy had parasite/ick problems I want to be sure I do what I can to avoid any issues.

    2. The tank did sit empty for several months...and I will test it to ensure it won't leak, though the silicone does still seem soft. Are there things I should look for before filling it just to save me the headache of cleaning up a mess?

    3. Anyone have experience with this type of filter? The cartridges for it contain charcoal which I don't think is really necessary so I'm thinking I'll use filter floss/sponge/bioball type media rather than the type made for the filter...does this seem ok? ALSO, I'd like to seed the filter using media from my 10 gal...I have 2 sponges and those cylinder/ceramic type things (can't for the life of me think of what they're called) in the aquaclear hob on my 10. Can I just take 1 of the sponges from there and put it in the Rena filter? Would that be enough seeding or should I take a couple of rocks from the 10g too?

    4. This question is about the UV sterilizer. I've never used one...are they useful? Apparently the bulb needs to be changed, are they typically available at the LFS?

    5. I want to go about the 20g doing a proper planted tank, with proper plant substrate and some great (but not too expensive) lighting. It's a standard 20g, not long, so what would you all recommend for substrate and lights? It comes with a fluorescent light and glass top, but I'm aware I'll likely need to change the lighting fixture. Fluorite and EcoComplete are substrates I've heard of but not sure about differences...and would I put another type of substrate on top of that yet..(fine gravel?). I'm thinking black or very dark.

    6. CO2. I admit that the idea intimidates me and as much as I've tried to educate myself about it it seems to go over my head. I'd even like to add co2 to my 10g and have considered going the DIY route. I understand it takes bottles, a mixture of water/yeast/sugar, air line tubing...but then I read about "diffusers" and "check valves" and I get lost. I guess what I need is a VERY simple guideline about a DIY so I know what to get, where to get it, and how to put it together. I'd love any insight. My current 10g substrate is silica sand and is low tech. Plants are doing ok, growing slowly, but I'd love for it to really fluorish, and I want my 20g to be spectacular without spending a ton of money.

    I guess I'll leave it at that for now, sorry for the novel guys! Oh and the 10g is going to be a shrimp only tank...I have 3 black and white bee shrimp in there and the female was berried once but dropped her eggs (new mom and I've read that's fairly common). I'm going to keep the bees in that tank and move all the other fish to the 20 once it's cycled (which include 6 Merah Rasbora, 3 Celestial Danio, 2 Pygmy Cories, and 2 Amano Shrimp). I'll be increasing the numbers of danios and cories..and perhaps the merahs as well if I can find them once the 20's up!
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    Planted tank substrate is great. They are made out of kiln dried clay and are loaded with micro nutrients. Flourish is good but requires numerous rinsing before you put it in your tank. Eco complete might be worth the extra money since no rinsing is required.

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    Aug 2012
    Elgin, Illinois USA

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    So good to hear from you. And congrats on your MTS!!!!

    Here is a link to some info on the filter - http://www.americanaquariumproducts....rt_Filter.html

    Seeding from your 10 gal is a good idea. Good luck!
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    Ontario, Canada

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    hey thats an awesome deal!

    the uv steriliser is not required by any means, but there are advantages to having it, depending on who you believe on the net. It does good things for redox, but also can possibly kill beneficial little critters. I had one on my reef tank, but when I decided to turn it "low tech" I took it off as it was an extra bit of equipment I didn't need to run (I was running it off a canister filter which I removed, so the steriliser went with it). Its a very debatable piece of equipment, so all I can really suggest is that you read up on it and decide for yourself.


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