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    Default Neon w/Tumor & Neon w/Cataracts?

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    I have been trying to keep a school of a dozen neons the last few years. I only have one of my originals left and it looks to me as if it has cataracts or something going on with its eyes. I've noticed as mine have aged, that all of the older ones have developed the same thing - a "silvery" kind of coating over their eyes so you can't see that black pupil in the center of their eye any longer and they turn not so much cloudy, but as I said, silvery in appearance.

    I admit that when I first got them, their water quality was poor and they were overcrowded in a dark, 5 gallon tank. When I first started noticing their eyes, I assumed they had been damaged by high ammonia or nitrates in the water at various stages - I foolishly got fish before I really new what I was doing back then and knew nothing about cycling a tank BEFORE you get fish! I just bought them and plopped them in a brand new tank. I've since learned!

    Anyway, do these fish get cataracts as they age? None of my other fish seem to get this, only the neons. And every single one of them has had their eyes turn after a couple of years. Even when I bought "new" ones for the 20 gallon they moved into from their original five gallon, as they aged their eyes developed this silvery coating.

    Also, I noticed about a week or so ago that one of the females (I'm guessing it's female from the rounder, plumper body than the others) looked like it had something growing out of it's vent or anal opening. The only way I can describe it is it looked as if the fish had a small "bb" inserted in its anal opening. It was slightly pinkish right around the opening, but the lump was pretty much the same silver as the lower body. The fish tended to hide under some driftwood all day, but it did come out and eat with gusto at feeding time. I just setup a new 40 gallon breeder and moved all the fish from their 20 gallon three days ago. I used my old filters, however, so my water is fine - no ammonia, no nitrates, slight nitrates at this point - less than 10ppm. I now have live plants in the tank as well to help keep nitrates lower. This growth appeared while it was still in the 20 gallon tho, and it actually looks like it's starting to go away ever since I moved them to the new tank. You can still see the lump, but it's a quarter as big as it used to be. The fish is not hiding any longer and has always eaten fine.

    What the heck could that lump have been from? I assumed the fish was going to die, but she looks almost normal again. Weird!


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    Well I wouldn't say that fish get cataracts with the same degree that say humans do as they age. Some certainly may, but I'd not say that would be true for the majority of cases.

    As to the other issue... I'd worry about either parasites or egg laying issues since it came and went.

    Have you noticed any white and stringy poos? Or any flashing (brief rubbing against objects)? If those symptoms sound familiar, then I'd lean towards parasites and treat with something like Prazipro. What you may have seen was the end of a worm type creature sticking out.

    If there were no other symptoms, because this is a female, I'd stick to observation. Its possible she was having some issues with egg laying, and this may have been a case of prolapse of the uterus, and she was able to retract it.

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    I have noticed a few fish flashing since I moved them to the new tank, altho this tetra wasn't one of them. It hasn't happened since the first day because I've been keeping watch. I was worried about an ammonia problem since it was a larger tank. I figured the filter even tho it was from the old tank, would take a while to get up to snuff so I was looking for signs like flashing. There haven't been any stringy poops. Everything else seems normal.

    If you didn't know anything was up, you probably wouldn't notice anything. I can see that there's still a little lump there, but it's just about gone now. I assumed it was a tumor of some kind. I know neons need such specialized setups in order to breed, I didn't even think of an egg issue.


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